Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We now return you to regularly scheduled programming: baby shower planning

But first, a quick update-

Day 2 with the mini:
I don't love it,
but I don't hate it.
And yes, those open-with-the-push-of-a-button doors have already come in handy twice since A) it was pouring rain when O and I got to school yesterday and we were able to hop out and make a run for it while the door shut itself, and B) I took both girls with me to Target last night and not once did I have to let go of E's hand before getting in the car since I had that uppity key fob in my other hand which was also holding a babe and two grocery sacks.

Press button,
help E into mini all the while holding her hand,
throw grocery sacks from other hand into all that empty space back there,
put other babe gently into her car seat,
buckle both girlies,
press button,
go home.

And before I leave the subject of Target completely, I must tell you why we were there in the first place. We went there (for the 4th time this week) solely for the purpose of buying the Wizahd, which in Eliza-speak means,
The Wizard of Oz.
Ever since watching it a couple weeks ago on TBS, she hasn't stopped talking about it, which I don't mind one lil' bit. In fact, I kind of LOVE it. It is a musical, after all. And so, while we were there to buy the Wizahd on DVD, (we only have the VHS and there are currently zero working VCR's at our house) we also just happened to find ourselves in the women's clothing department, and more specifically, at the clearance racks in the women's clothing department.
And do you know what we FOUND there?
Tons and tons of Missoni for Target goods which are now 50% off.
Did you hear that?
Clothing items that flew off the racks quicker than turkeys fly out of grocery stores on Thanksgiving were now BACK ON THE RACKS, and I'm wondering-
Where had they been?
The long-sleeved floral blouse was there, along with several black cardigans and long navy dresses and black and white zig-zag dresses along with tons of little girls zig-zaggies as well.
It is a mystery.
But I totally took advantage and brought two more zig-zag numbers home with me. How could I not?
All of this rambling to say- if you're local and you missed out on the Missoni goods, specifically clothes, get thee to Target.
Moving on.

I wanted to share a bit of what I have planned for the shower on Sunday, which is rapidly approaching and yet- my house is no cleaner than it was 2 days ago. At the moment, I'm way more excited about the decor than about the fact that I'll actually have to clean up before I can get to the decor.
Ah well...

I blogged about these cute vintage alphabet cards several months ago and thought this shower would be the perfect opportunity to pull them out-

They're a freebie over on the Handmade Home blog, and while my initial reason for printing them out (which cost $0 since I already had plenty of cardstock on hand) was to use them in the girls room somewhere, I think they'll look fabulous strung up in the dining room where all of the shower food will be.
I'm wanting everything at the party to give off a vintage vibe, which is another reason why those alphabet cards are so perfect. I'm also planning to use lots of chalkboards (which I've also got plenty of) like this:

Pretty sweet, right? I made 4 more mini-to-medium sized chalkboards over the weekend (just like the big one I made for the kitchen) from frames I'd purchased at the thrift store.
 So simple.
Here's both of these ideas tied together in a vintage schoolhouse baby shower I pinned several months ago-

 Love the chalkboard on the buffet,
love the vintage flashcards,
love it all.

I'll be sharing how I made the invites for free in another post, but for now, I have to give you a hint of what was on them just cause they're so stinkin cute...

Itty-bitty chevron onesies which I'm planning to use in other aspects of the decor as well. Can't wait. So excited.
Now if my house would just clean itself like those magic doors on the mini...


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