Monday, November 14, 2011

New shop items and a mad dash to a clean house

Happy Monday to you friends! I hope all of you had a lovely weekend! I wish I had taken pictures at the craft fair on Saturday, but alas, I was a wee bit busy. My son, however, took tons so as soon as I go through them, I'll try to post a few. I spent most of last night listing some of what didn't sell in my shop. I still have a ton to list as it takes much longer than one would think. Listing items also means that I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon taking pictures of said items and I wanted to share a few of those-

Houndstooth banners are now back in stock. Tie them up on the mantel when you're cheering on the Tide, or hang them on your tent or RV as you tailgate, or keep it up year round because it's just so very pretty.

Fall pennant banners-

One of my new faves-
Christmas Dot pennant banners-

Since I was taking pics of a Christmas banner, I figured I'd better throw some other Christmas decor on the mantel. Totally got me itchin' to get out ALL of my Christmas boxes and go wild, but I didn't. Next weekend maybe...

Also new to the shop- headbands

This one is a lovely shade of mocha with a bronze button in the center.
I'd also like to introduce you to my model, Millie.
She's quite punctual and so cooperative.
Thanks, Millie.

In classic Red-

and in classic Black chiffon.
Ooo la la...

I also made a few wool felt flowers in Red-

and some pins for those of you who yell, "War Eagle" instead of "Roll Tide".
I don't discriminate.

Also picked up a batch of alligator clips and I'm thrilled to say these stay put on a lapel as well as in your hair. The best of both worlds.

And...when I signed in to read my e-mail this morning, AOL threw a picture of Kate Middleton in my face and you'll never GUESS what she was wearing on her black coat-

a red flower pin.
They were all wearing red flower pins.
Classic and gawgeous and available RIGHT HERE in my shop.
Thanks Kate.
And Camilla.
And Lady Feather-hat.


And to get to the second part of my title today, I am super-thrilled to be throwing a baby shower at my house this weekend.
Super-thrilled, but also a little bit in hyper-drive as I took stock of the cleanliness situation at my house over the weekend and must report that things ain't lookin' so great. In classic MK style, I have a list a mile long of what I want to accomplish in the house (i.e.- hanging pictures, installing the last of the trim in the kitchen, etc.) and a list of things to make for the shower itself. For a glimpse at what direction I'll be taking for the shower decor, you can check out my 'Baby Shower' board on Pinterest, HERE. I'm hoping to mark quite a few things off of this mile-long to-do list in the next few days, so I'll keep you posted on how things are a'lookin.
Wish me luck...
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