Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She's going to the chapel and she's totally gonna get married

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Christmas crafts programming for an important announcement.

See this?

It's a blingy ring.
And it's on her finger.
A boy put it there.
She's totally a fiance.

That finger belongs to my seester.
She works at the University with Big AL.

The boy also works at the University.
This is the setting of their story.
Aren't they cute?

They wear lots of crimson and white.

And they smile a lot.
Because they are in luv.

I wrote about my seester and her boy when they went to the Derby.
You may recall that I made her fabulous hat.

Wedding planning will soon be in full swing.
Color me giddy.
Giddy, do you hear me?
So excited for these two.

Congrats to Mal and Chad-
and to Chad:
Welcome to the crazy.


And since this post is already about to make me veklempt,
I'd now like to share some pics of the seester and I when we looked,
Growing up in the 80's and 90's, we not only had horrible clothes to contend with, but also, horrible hair.
And glasses.
Good gravy the glasses.

You might want to put on some Depends.

Family Picture- circa 1990

The little boy in the pic is my seester.
Isn't she cute?
Thanks go to Mum for giving her that haircut so that I could show the internets this picture 20 years later.
And nice socks Mum.
Of course, I am fully ready for a flood as well.
And I have bangs.
And sheesh at the glasses.
Just sheesh.

Easter- circa 1989

That's Mal before the great hair chop of '90.
And those are two of our cousins.
Thanks go to Amy for posting these pics on fb so that I could steal them.

Taylor's (cousin) Birthday- circa 1988

Seester is on the left.
In the sweatshirt with the deer painted on.
(or is that a bunny?)
Does it really matter?
It's painted on.
And sheesh at the glasses.

Family pic- circa 1993

Why am I sharing these?
They're actually more embarrassing for me.
Too many unfortunate things to list about this one.
Mal, you win the prize for being the least unfortunate-looking one of the bunch.
No, my Dad is not wearing socks.
And where are my boobs?
Someone please tell me.
And Mum?
Good heavens...

Family pic- circa 2000

Getting better.
Now seester is in the glasses.
But they're cute ones and don't take up half her face.
Isn't this fun Mal?

Family pic- circa 2008

There we go.
Much better.
Don't mind the hubs,
he's been screwing up family pics since 2006.
 That's all I have time for today-

and you're welcome Mals.
I'll try and dig up some more memories so we can continue to reminisce.
Nice, isn't it?

I loves ya. 

And Chad,
I'm so glad you two found each other when we all had better hair.
And clothes.
And boobs.

Happy Thursday!

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