Wednesday, February 22, 2012

kitchen update number eleventy-billion

What, you thought we were done already?

No. No we're not...
But we do have some new stuff to share that's kind of a big deal, especially when it really makes the room seem 'done'.
Even when it's not, quite.

Check out the crown y'all-

and those base boards.
Never thought I'd be so excited over....base boards.

As you can see, we still need to paint the entire ceiling since we have a few spots like this-

But the way that trim just hugs the cabinets...
I mean it.
I'm in love.
Here's what we've been looking at since the cabinets were installed last September-

Poor, trim-less room.
But now...


And that's not the only change.
We've been using my great-grandmother's table + chairs since we were married because,'s fabulous and I love it-

but it really isn't suited for the banquette I've built in my head (and on Pinterest). I searched high and low for several months, and then I found it via Craigslist, via a blog...

Still on the hunt for chairs, but isn't the table a beaut?

A pedestal table, just like I had in mind. Already painted white at the bottom and distressed.

Just look at those lovely claws...

The top is au natural and smooth as a baby's bootay I kid you not.

I must thank the lovely couple who sold it to me, not only for the crazy low price of $50, but also for not looking at me like a crazy person while I stood in their house and rubbed my hands across the table, semi-hugged it, and acted like a giddy school girl who's just touched the Bieber. They also set up furniture around it to make a stand-in banquette so that I could be sure the table was the size I needed.

It was.

Our other table + chairs is now happily living in the man cave, by the way. Hubs and his friends eat in there all the time, so it all works out rather nicely.

And while we're on the subject of new furniture, we welcomed another piece into our house yesterday, even though this one won't be staying in the kitchen.

I've always wanted an Eames rocker and the Foundary had a crazy good deal on these about a month ago.
So I pounced.
The Foundary is another of those deal-a-day sites, showcasing several different brands of home decor/household goods every day. You can check them out HERE.

We introduced the chair to MM last night and she was smitten.
Can't wait to take it outside for a photo shoot with the kiddos.

Then we introduced it to the new table and I'm not gonna lie,
there was an attraction between the two.

And that's all the news that is the news on the kitchen front. The next order of business will be to make the banquette out of the cabinets I found last week at Surplus Warehouse. Can't wait. We also have to finish painting the trim/windows/doors, figure out what to do with the mudroom nook, paint the ceiling, have a lot of electrical work done, make curtains & cushions for the banquette, and then we might just be done.

Hopefully I'll be back soon with kitchen update, eleventy-billion and one entitled 'The banquette has landed'.

Until then,
Happy Wednesday!

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