Friday, February 10, 2012

Dirt Cheap Missoni and a 3D date

Happy Friday friends!
Wanted to share a little news bulletin with those of you that are local, AND, even if you're not, you may want to head to the Dirt Cheap nearest you anyway...

are those everywhere? Hudson's Dirt Cheaps? Are they nationwide or just in Southern states? I've been to a few in other cities while on vacation but I wasn't sure...

Anywhoo, I got a text from my SIL last night (thank you MK) that said she'd been to one of the Dirt Cheap's in our town and had spotted lots of Missoni goods. That's right. Missoni. As is 'Missoni for Target'. As in, goods that sold out online and in stores and caused a website crash, not to mention several cat fights. THAT Missoni. Well, evidently not everything sold out, and our Dirt Cheap got a shipment from a Target store somewhere out there of the goods they had left. Of course I was in my car and headed to Dirt Cheap within 2 shakes of a lambs tail.

Here's what I found-

flats in various sizes (children & adults)

heels in various sizes

a couple chevron plates,
as well as a few floral ones (not pictured)


I grabbed a buggy and pretty much threw anything Missoni inside until I'd picked what I wanted. I also found a notebook and a couple clipboards, as well as the set of platters in my hand and the one in the buggy. Almost bought the big platter too, but in the end,...

this is what came home with me.

The blk/white platters, (nevermind that one's missing from the group- at $5, who cares?) and 2 pairs of little girl flats. E has already worn the fabric off of the toes on the pair that currently fit her, and I bought the next size up at Target already, so I picked up a size 6 for little MM, and a size 9. Now E will have an 8 AND a 9. Ya know, for when she grows.

I also brought home this cricut cartridge for a sweet $12.
Beach party anyone?

Did I find anything else I wanted to bring home, but didn't?

I'm so glad you asked.

Why yes. Yes I did.
I wanted this:

That's right.
A lucite chair on wheels.
Never in a million years (or 31) have I seen anything this cool at a Dirt Cheap. The Zig zag flats come close, but this wins.

(*ahem....attention family...I have a birthday coming up....ahem*)

In other non-dirt-cheapy news....

Hubs and son are stoked to be seeing this in 3D today. Will any of you be heading to the theatre as well??

Happy Weekend to ya!

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