Tuesday, February 14, 2012

British Invasion

I don't know about you, but my Sunday night was spent enjoying the talents of the British. I've talked about her here before, but Adele made a sweep of the Grammy's, picking up all 6 awards that she was nominated for. Good gravy how I loved her 'snot' comment as she picked up her last award. Anyone else find that genuinely endearing? I also love that she sounds a wee bit like Eliza Doolittle pre-Higgins, because let's face it- I'm a bit My Fair Lady obsessed. Have you met my daughter Eliza?

If you don't know her music, I highly recommend that you run to your nearest music shop and pick this up. No, really.....run.

When I wasn't watching the Grammy's,(because let's face it- not all of it was worth watching. Nicki Minaj? And a giant mouse head? No thanks) I was watching a 2-hour Downton Abbey on PBS. Do you watch? Because, I must say it again, if you're not watching Downton you're missing out on a fabulous piece of work. The talent in the cast is stellar and the writing? Fuh-get about it. It's got drama, comedy, love, heartbreak.....everything you could want in a historical mini-series which I sincerely hope runs for years to come.

psst- you can watch full episodes online HERE, but only from the current season

Since today is Valentine's day, I found it ironic that my son's V-day party at school would also fit into this British phase happening as of late. His class will be having a Fairy Tale party to celebrate love day and he dressed as a Knight in shining armor-

oh the cuteness...

So what about you?
Enjoying anything British lately?
Any of you start drinking hot tea? Because I've started having an honest to goodness tea time every afternoon thanks to my keurig. No joke. Feel free to join me anytime. I'm still trying to figure out how to have it on the ceiling like Mary Poppins though...
Any of you watch so much Downton that you start speaking in a British dialact?
Or is that just me....?
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