Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Smash, the B team, and a little bit of Wu

if you've watched anything on NBC for the past month, and I do mean anything, including flipping throught the channels and landing on the network for 3.8 seconds, then chances are you've seen some of the promos for the new show Smash. Since the premise of the show has to do with Broadway and auditions and staging a musical such, and since there's also a real honest to God broadway actor in every scene, I was of course intrigued.

It premiered last night.

I watched.

And I loved.

I'm curious-
did you watch? What were your thoughts? Are you in Sutton's fan club and therefore find it hard to like Christian? Are you a McPhee fan from AI? Do you love the fact that Hilty is a real-deal broadway gal? Do you want Debra Messing's glasses as bad as I do? And how cool is it that she's married to Shrek?

If you're a Broadway lovin' gal/guy and you just got every single one of those references, raise your hand.


Moving on.

Remember my boycott? The one where I put off washing my own clothes, forcing me to wear things in my closet that must still be there for a reason? Showing love to the pieces that I deemed a necessary purchase at some point in time but maybe pushed to the back once newer stuff came along? Well friends, lemme tell ya- it was going great, and I mean great until I had to go to the B team. You see, while I'm still going strong in the "I still have clean clothes to wear and so what if they're not my favorites" department, I've had to go to "so this underwear doesn't make me feel like having an awesome day but it'll do". You all know what I'm talkin bout. The A team undies are the ones we all have that are the favorites and make us feel awesome. They make us smile when we wear them because they're a bright color/lacey/accent the bootay/help suck in our tummy...

basically, you think about whatever it is that makes you love a pair of undies and THAT's what puts them on the A team. For me, it's the Body by Victoria seamless in pretty much every color they come it. Did I just talk about my favorite type of undies on the internets? You bet your sweet bippy I did.

So...when you neglect your laundry for so long that you no longer have A team left, well then it's time to no longer neglect your laundry. The B team's been treating me fine this week, but I miss the good stuff. Hubs always buys me the good stuff for Christmas/birthdays/Tuesdays and I'm ready to get back into the A team. And if you're wondering what a C team would consist of... well that would be undies that you've been hanging on to since college (or high school , or basically whatever you were doing 10 years ago, depending on your age) and should have thrown out ages ago. I got rid of my C team last summer and really couldn't believe that I'd been hanging on to some of it. And while I like to be completely honest in sharing the good/bad/ugly, I'm sharing the mountain that is my dirty laundry as of this moment. And just as a reminder, no other members of my house were harmed in this experiment. Everyone else has clean clothes and is wearing their A team, although I did come across some B team 3T undies while putting away my son's clothes this morning. Might need to throw those out since he's nearing 7.

Enough of that.
It's time for a little Wu talk.
Did any of you head to Target on Sunday to snag pieces of Target's latest partnership with a hip design label?

Jason Wu's line for Target hit the sales floor early Sunday morn, and while there was buzz of a crazed-mob-snatching-Missoni-goods-crashing-website-and-selling-out remake, things were actually pretty calm here in t-town, and in the rest of the world. My sis arrived a few minutes before I did (yes I totally just ratted you out. No Chad, she didn't buy anything.) and texted that there were a total of 4 people in line, one of which happened to be my friend and hair stylist, Lindsay.

Hey Lindsay!

My honest opinion of the line?
You need to be supermodel-stick thin to wear it.
I had checked out all of the pieces online well in advance and knew I wanted to try on the navy dress with the stripes across the bottom. (Front and center of that first pic) The waist hit right below my boobs and poofed out creating a bit of a bump which would no doubt cause people to ask when I was due.
The dress did not come home with me.

See what I mean?
 Some of the other pieces I tried made me feel downright grandma-ish. Specifically that blue floral number hanging in the dressing room with me. WAY too much fabric in the boob area. Picture Sandra Bullock in the too-big wedding dress in the proposal. Dontcha love when Betty White asks where her boobs are? Sorry...I digress.

Not all of the clothes were ill-fitting though. This dress was awesomeness, and while 1 of those 4 people in line must've snagged the only one in my size, I grabbed one on ebay yesterday for the same price as the store and scored with free shipping. So take THAT all you suckaz who thought you'd make a quick buck by buying up a buggy load of Wu and listing it on ebay like those folks did with Missoni. Doesn't seem to be working this time. There are even still items available online. (gasp)

Of course, another HUGE difference between this line and Missoni is the number of pieces. While Missoni's line included everything from dresses and shoes to vases and bicycles, the Wu line sticks to a handful of dresses, sweaters, tops, and a few accessories:

I didn't go to Target today (I know, shocker) so I don't know what's left, but I'm curious- did any of you go to check out the pieces? What did you think? I loved the handbag in the lower right corner of the pic above, but I swear to you it weighed 10 lbs EMPTY. No joke. I wanted to like all of it after seeing the look book online, but I just wasn't over the moon for it like I was for Missoni.

Ah well...
I'm off to start on this crazy huge mound of laundry so hopefully next time I write or see you in person I can happily say that I'm back on the A team.

Happy Tuesday!

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