Friday, February 24, 2012

seven years old

My sweet boy is 7 today.
can't believe it

Happy birthday to my
Star Wars lovin'
lego building,
teeth loosing,
ice cream eating,
playstation playing,
trampoline jumping,
nerf gun toting,
book reading,
track club running,
transformer playing,
whiz at adding,
always filming,
lego sneaking,
sister loving,
bear hugging,
t-shirt wearing

I love you.

such a sweet big brother

working on his Valentines. He wrote each of his classmates names himself this year.

3 teeth lost in the last 8 weeks

doing ninja kicks off the back of the buggy

 excellent speller

 playing with photo props

 on a field trip to Buffalo Rock
(thanks Kelly)

 legos that were snuck to school in a pocket

 watching Star Wars 3D with his Daddy

 with his buddy Hayden at school

ran 35 miles (so far) this school year & made track club on Wednesday

and filming with his video camera, one of his latest obsessions.

And, because it's his birthday, I thought I'd share one of his latest videos.
It's super short and super silly.
Just the workings of a 7 year-old brain...

p.s. - here's last year's post when he was six

Happy Friday everyone!
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