Sunday, February 5, 2012

mustache + lips baby shower

Happy day to you friends!
I wanted to share a few pics + details with you from the shower this weekend-

First, I'll let you see pics of the actual party after people arrived and there was food on the table and whatnot. I'm usually terrible about forgetting to take pics during the party, but actually got a few shots this time.

The basic theme of the shower was mustache + lips = Owen

and boy howdy does Owen's daddy (my bro-in-law) have a huge honkin' mustache right now...

Here's the parents-to-be opening gifts,

And Kent trying to diaper a fauxnotreal babe.
Yes, the babe is upside-down.

Here he is again reading aloud some of the wishes that he has for his son.
All of the guests filled out a sheet of wishes for a keepsake book.
And lemme tell ya, they was some doozies.
Funny, funny stuff my friends.
I thought a few folks might pee they pants.

There was a table in the dining room with this on it:

a few photo props,
a chevron-y diaper cake,
and an 8x8 scrapbook with sheets for everyone to fill out for baby Owen.
You know, sweet things that he could read many years down the road.

And some were just that: sweet.

And some were not so much.

Back to the partay-
here's a few pics I snapped before anyone arrived,
hence the no food on the table

I made the table runner and the banner for the dining room in blk/white, but made a red one for the mantel since I plan to keep that one up through V-day.

I found THIS printable with tons of nicknames for a mustache and strung it up in the kitchen-

Here's hubs and me after the party doing the thing that he loves the MOST.
He said he felt silly having a prop, which is funny since he asked for one

So I held one for him...

And as for O man,
he was only too happy to take care of a leftover chocolate mustache.

I've had so much fun working on projects for this party for the past few months and now...

I jump straight into planning another one.
It's Batman mode now, all the way.

Can't you just see Gotham City in my dining room?
I'm off to the Bat cave, friends.

Until tomorrow!

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