Friday, May 11, 2012

Flashback Friday- Mother's Day edition

Happy Friday friends! Today's Flashback Friday is all about my Mum's! God not only blessed me with an awesome mum, but an awesome mum-in-law as well. What's that? You'd like to see some photos of them from way back when? Well I thought you'd never ask!

First, here are a few of my favorite pics of me + mum, starting when I was just a wee babe. Meet Phyllis, circa 1980. She's one of the original Girls With Glasses, FYI.

Yes, we used to dress as Pilgrims just for the heck of it.

circa 1982, the age of the perm.
Please take note of how cute I am.

circa 1983
Perm was chopped off.
Please take note of how cute I am.

Since this post is really about MUM, I'll be skipping photos of my unfortunate pre-teen stage so that my awkwardness doesn't distract you from the subject at hand.


Circa 1998
Mum and I are dressed to the nines for Oscar night.
Have I ever mentioned the fab Oscar parties we used to throw?
Another post, another day...

Please take note of how thin I am was.

Wedding Day
Mine, not theirs.
Nothing sarcastic to add here because, quite frankly, we be lookin' good.

And now, since I need to include my mum-in-law in this post as well, here are a couple of gems I dug up from an Alberta Baptist Christmas party, circa 1989.

As an added bonus, both my mum AND mum-in-law are there together.
 I mean, what are the odds?

Don't you love their sweaters?
Pardon me, sweatshirts?
And stone-washed jeans?
And light bulb earrings?
On purpose.
Welcome to one of the original 'tacky Christmas' parties.

Cathie, no need to thank me for including you too.
You're totally welcome.
Love your jeans.
And high-top Reeboks.

And since I'm a good daughter-in-law, I'd like to really pay tribute to my MIL by posting my very favorite pic of her.

Carol, I bet you're regretting your decision to let me organize all of your photos for ya...

Oddly enough, I found an eerily similar pic of my mum.
Love you, mum.

Is it really any wonder that hubs and I turned out like this?

Happy Mother's Day to you, Phyllis and Carol.
We love you LOTS!
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