Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thursday confessional

1. I've recently become addicted to Slim Jims. And beef jerkey. And any form of meat that's been dried and flavored and whatnot. I have no idea when this happened, and I find it extremely odd considering I used to eat very little meat period, but lately, I can' Tobasco flavored is my fave and the giant box from Sams would make an awesome Mother's Day gift, just, ya know...FYI.

2. I took some benadryl last week that expired in 2008. I have no idea why we still had a bottle from that many years ago, not to mention the fact that I completely organized all of our medicines into baskets when we built our laundry room last year and had to have picked it up, and looked at it. I threw out all of the old stuff, but somehow this one bottle slipped past inspection. I guess it's not going to kill me though, since I'm still here. So are my allergies.

3. I miss listening to my music in the car. Once you enter mommyland, or such has been the case for me, you tend to let your littles choose what you listen to. As of late, it's meant a whole lotta Mary Poppins and VeggieTales and don't misunderstand- I love Mary Poppins and VeggieTales, but every now and then I'd love to play a little Regina, or Ingrid, or Adele. The only exception has been the Passion cd that my youth minister gave us. I sang a song from the cd, therefore making listening to the song in the car mandatory so that I could learn it, which caused the kids to love it too. Of course, the girls only want to listen to the one song, but I've learned to pick my battles.

4. I hate Facebook timeline.

5. I stopped by Target on the way home Tuesday afternoon for the sole purpose of picking up these:

We needed them.

6. I walked into my school cafeteria on Monday for a glass of ice water and came out with this:

7. Way too many of my confessions are about food. Blargh.

8. Sometimes I dictate shopping lists to Suri in the car. Sometimes I don't check to see if she got it right because looking at your phone isn't the safest thing to do while driving. Sometimes when I'm in Target grabbing things on the list, I get stuck on what "Call Kate Pappas" means. I don't know anyone named Kate Pappas. It took me 30 minutes of grocery shopping to figure out that 'K-cups' sounded like 'call Kate Pappas' to Suri. Awesome.

9. Target has a new line of clothing. The designs are fabulous. The new higher price point is not. Doesn't change the fact that I want all of it.

Well, not those itty-bitty bikinis. They don't look so great when you're also sportin' stretch marks.

10. I've found another new favorite snack. GoodgollymissMolly, it's another confession about food. Spicy wheat thins? I could eat 'em all day. In fact, I was about to finish off a box a few days ago when I dropped it, sending the last remaining crackers to the floor. Well friends, let me tell ya, these are just too good to waste. Yes ma'am. Especially when the floor was semi-clean.

Alright- your turn. Let's hear it....anything you wanna fess up to?
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