Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TPS Art show

Happy Wednesday to you friends! Before I get to my post for today, could you say a prayer for my mum? She's actually in surgery as I'm typing this and we'd appreciate any prayers you could send her way. Thanks in advance!

Yesterday was the annual art show that our fabulous Mrs. Maughn puts together to showcase one masterpiece done by each and every last student at our school. If you've read this blog for any length of time, then you know what an amazing feat that is, because my school has oh so many kiddos. Each year, children walk through that door, grab their parent/brother/grandma by the hand, and they run to find their piece of art work on display. This, of course, is usually followed by several phone camera snapshots of said child next to their masterpiece, and it really is the sweetest thing to see them standing there, beaming.

Below are a few of the books/paintings that served as inspiration for some of the kiddos work.

See my kid there?
He's beaming.
And I'm crazy-proud of those fish he's sitting next to.
Crazy-proud of HIM altogether.

And yes, he got a massive haircut this week.
More on that tomorrow...
Back to the show.

He found a fellow classmate while checking out the show, so of course I wanted a pic of the two of them. That sweetie is Sarah Madeline, and when I asked him not to make a 'crazy' face in the picture, this is what he gave me:

It's almost as if he didn't know what to do if he couldn't be silly. Really no shocker there- he comes by it honestly.

exhibit A:
the hubs walks by, sees I'm snapping pics, and sticks his booty out

exhibit B:

Before leaving, we grabbed Mrs. Maughn for a pic with our first grade artist.

Thank you, Mrs. Maughn, for another fabulous art show!

I'll see ya back here tomorrow for a Thursday edition of confessions, and then Friday for a special Mother's Day Flashback Friday.

Adios amigos!
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