Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wizard of Oz party- the invites

Happy Thursday friends! I've been MIA this week while I soak up these first few days of summer with the kiddos. Hello 10:00 am wake-up time. I've missed you. I did, however, want to go ahead and share one thing that I've completed so far for the party, because summer laziness has put me a little behind and it will feel good to show the ONE thing that's done. Know what I mean?

The invites were created for FREE on Picmonkey, and while this isn't a sponsored post, they should totally be paying me by now since I've only mentioned them a zillion times in the past month. Ahem. I took one of the photos of E dressed as Dorothy, added text and a border, and printed them at home. I also used envelopes from my stash, so the entire project cost me $0. Can I get a high-five?

So yes, I'm totally covering up our address, but let's focus on the crazysmart rhyme for a sec, shall we? I did that on my own, folks. Like, straight from my brain. I'd like to thank Dr. Seuss for giving me mad rhyming skillz. I'd also like to apologize to MM for not putting her on the invite too, but she refused to wear the munchkin costume and then she refused to be in the pictures altogether.

So there ya have it.

The one thing I've done for the party. So far.

I've got 248 projects in the works and a whopping 2 days to get it done, but hey. It's summer. And since O started lessons again this week, let's think on something less stressful for a moment.

The pool. Which is where we'll be every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for most of the summer.


That's better.

Now back to Oz.
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