Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Hubs

I'd like to announce to the internets and to the world that my hubs is officially in his late twenties. As in, he's turning 28 today, and let's face it- he's been holding on to those quasi-mid-twenties for too long. But 28? No longer mid, my friends, but most definitely late. I point this out only because it's giving him anguish and also because I kissed my late twenties buh-bye quite a while ago. That's right folks. Just call me Courtney Cox and slap me down in Cougar Town, cause that's where I reside. And now, a tribute to hubs via pictures + words:

Happy Birthday to my hubs-

 who not only cuts O's hair, but also cleans up afterwards-

who constantly provides nutritious snacks for our kiddos-

who always smiles when I take our picture-

who is an incredibly sexy baby daddy-

who's always up for a good costume party, 

who teaches our children to aim for the sky-

who works hard for our family-

who is handy around the house-

who is a most awesome swing pusher-

and who is always willing to create a little fun in an otherwise normal day.

Thank you, hubs. For all of these and more.
We love you lots and lots and lots.
And welcome to your late twenties.

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