Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day, Tea Party, and Baby Dedication

I heard this statement over the weekend and had to share, because I completely agree...

"May is the new December"

Do you feel that way too? There are so many events and parties and graduations packed into the month of May that it's become just as busy, if not more so, than December. Friday was 'May Day' at school, and at our school, there are activities planned which last almost the entire day. It's non-stop fun, lemme tell ya. Since my classroom is turned into the disco dance room every year, I got to hang with O's class and be a Mom. Their May Day schedule started with the sack races-

and included a magic show,

 tattoo station,

 disco room, complete with fancy-shmancy lights and glow necklaces,
sorry for the blurry pic...

giant blow-up slide,

 train ride,

and a giant caterpillar. The kids also had a karate lesson, ate snow cones, and had playtime on the playground, which made for some very tired kiddos. That night, hubs and I sent our very tired kiddo and our not so tired girlies to my parent's house and we had ourselves a hot date with a couple of friends. I somehow managed to not take a single pic all evening. Not even of my bread pudding, but we had ourselves a grand ole' time.

Saturday morning was our church's annual ladies tea party. Is it wrong to say I look forward to this day almost as much as I look forward to my birthday? I mean, getting dressed up and wearing a hat and decorating a table and being all Southern,'s just right up my alley.

 Before I show you pics of the table my friend Melanie and I hosted, let me first tell you that there are rules. Rules about what you must have at your table, as well as rules about what you must not have at your table. You must have water glasses, tea cup & saucer, plates, and silverware for everyone at your table. You must not have plastic or paper of any kind at your table. As in, you need to bring the good stuff. Well, Mel and I? We have 6 kids between the two of us and even though we knew the rules, we thought we'd try to get away with a bit of plastic and paper. We were the Clampett's of the tea party, so to speak, so before I show you our table, here are just a few of the others...

While I was shooting for the 'most elaborate table decor', I must admit that I was a bit jealous of this next table and the fact that it had decor hanging from the ceiling. Yup.

Color me jealous.

 The theme of this table was birds, as evidenced by the hanging bird cage. The cupcakes on the stand were iced like nests with jelly bean 'eggs' on top. Brilliant.

 And now, the Clampett's table, complete with plastics and paper napkins. I used one of the metal towers from THIS shower, stuck flowers in the top and wrapped it in tulle for the center piece. I used the cake stands I picked up at Sams, and some flowers and tissue poms I grabbed out of my dining room.

And those gawgeous, shiny, hot pink plates? Well those came straight from the hob lob y'all.

 Despite a few looks we got from the event coordinators, we's real proud of our plastics and the fact that clean up at table 8 was super-easy.

 The speaker was Debbie Hannah Skinner, and while she traveled all the way from Texas for the event, she was born and raised right here in Tuscaloosa. She has a website you can check out HERE. She painted during part of her presentation, and she spoke about savoring scripture and writing it down and framing it, or just keeping important verses somewhere near you. I need to do more of this.

At one point during her presentation, she asks us to open our mouths and act like baby birds. Just thought I'd share.

Once the speaker was done, it was back to the tables for tea and desserts. Did we have an actual tea pot at table 8? Nope.

We did have a honey bear though. Nanny-nanny-boo-boo.

I did find that when your hat is super long and elaborate, it can cause problems when trying to drink your tea.

 We also realized that plastic is super-light and easier to lick clean than real deal china.

Fast-forward to Sunday morning and baby dedication at church. My sweet lil' nephew, Owen, was among the babes being dedicated along with our friend's, Colby & Kathryn's babe Annie Ruth, and our friends Brittany and John Paul's babe Turner McCartney.

After the service, we ate lunch at church and were able to see the plans for the areas surrounding our church's property. A new parkway is included, along with lots of additions to the fairgrounds that includes new buildings for the Boys and Girls clubs, a new gymnasium, a soccer field, and multiple playgrounds. Exciting stuff. The next step for our church will be to start finalizing the blueprints for our new building and to begin construction before the end of the year. God has been so faithful in providing for our every need over the past year and I can't wait to see what He has planned for us in the future.

Hope you had a lovely weekend as well! Happy Monday!

p.s. If you're counting down the days until summer break, today's number is 13
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