Monday, February 7, 2011

the engagement

as promised,
(and also, just because I want to)
I'm going to post pics and a few stories about the hubs and me.
you know, since love day is around the corner and whatnot.

our engagement story is a good one.

Here goes:

It was our 10-month (dating) anniversary and we had plans to eat out at a restaraunt downtown. Actually, though, the hubs had been a little sketchy on our dinner destination, trying to keep it a surprise, but one of the swankiest places to eat in our town is Chuck's seafood, and once his car made the turn and headed straight for downtown, I had an inkling that's where we'd be going. He parked a block away and we both got out of the car and started walking toward Chuck's. Leisurely strolling, hand in hand, like we'd done thousands of times before.
Nothing new.
The theatre where I performed on stage for the first time, and also where I currently direct shows is on the block where he'd parked the car. As we made our way closer to the theatre, and to the restaraunt, the hubs started telling me how much the last 10 months had meant to him, and how much he loved me- you know,
mushy stuff,
and I just smiled, gave his hand a squeeze,
and thought about how hungry I was.

Okay, not really.
Well, maybe just a wee bit,
but it did strike me as odd that he was getting so sentimental strolling down the sidewalk on the way to dinner.

as we neared the front of the theatre on the corner of the block, he stopped and told me once more how much he loved me.
He came around to my left,
and told me to look up.

This is what I saw-

As I stood there, gazing up at the marquee,
time froze.
I swear.
I was giddy-happy-can't-believe-this-is-happening-holy-cow-my-name-is-up-there-in-lights-wowza
all at once.

When I looked back at him, he was of course
on his knees holding up the prettiest of pretties.


I couldn't get
out of my mouth fast enough.

And then,
the required
we-just-got-engaged hug.

And that, in itself, would have been enough.
The marquee, the ring, the 'yes',
but there's more.
much more.

At that moment, our families came running out of the lobby of the theatre. Because the hubs, sly thing that he is, had let them in on the surprise.

O was the first one out, and that made it
Just perfect.
He leaped into my arms and then the hug-fest commenced.

My mom, his mom, my dad, his dad, sisters, brothers, friends,
were all there, and had been waiting.

And, again, that would have been enough.
Would have been
awesome on its own, having our loved ones there to celebrate the moment with us.
But he had another surprise.

Just around the corner, in a little courtyard in front of the entrance to the theatre,
sat a little bistro table and two chairs,
and two plates of food.

Just for us.
He had friends bring the furniture and cook the food just for our night.
Our oh-so-special night.
Because he's cool like that.

And so as our families said their last congrats and started their good-byes,
we sat and ate the most scrumptious grilled tilapia and green beans, and...was there something else?
Forgive me,
the details of what was on my plate are fuzzy since my brain was still swirling in a
I just got engaged to this hottie

As we sat and ate our yumminess,
they started coming.
Friends, and more friends, and more family started driving by and yelling their congrats to us from their cars.
Because, you know-
the hubs had told them too,
and of course they had to see the marquee.
So special.

Could not have asked for a better proposal.
So meaningful to me-
he knew just where and how to do it.
My first experience on the stage took place when I was just 7 years old in that very theatre.
19 years later, I directed my first production in that very theatre.
Such a special place to me, and he knew that.

Other interesting tidbits from that evening-
David, the theatre's manager, didn't have a question mark for the marquee, so the one you see in the pic was made special just for us.

Also... after we finished our dinner, we went to the movies and saw The 300. Because nothing says, "I love you and can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you" like watching a bunch of half-naked Spartans kill and mutilate entire armies of thugs.
After the movie, we had to ride by the theatre just once more to see if, by chance, the lights of the marquee were still lit.
And they were-

It was a lovely night.

Next up...
our DIY wedding.
because it was awesomeness too.


MELANIE said...

I was there and it was awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and romantic story! Can't wait for the next chapter! Joyce

Kara Blankenship said...

I was a drive-by-jump-out-of-the-car-say-hello-while-E-circled-the-block kind.

Brittany said...

LOVE your engagement story! I've always thought it was brilliant and oh so romantic!

Rachel said...

What a wonderful story!! I love it!!

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