Saturday, February 26, 2011

oh what a beautiful mornin, oh what a beautiful day...

I got a beautiful feelin,
everything's goin my way.
(Oklahoma anyone?)

*Thank you God for the perfect day for an outdoor party*

What an amazing time we had today-
and just to update you, I finished ALL the items on my list before going to bed, but in true Monica style, I added a few more throughout the day and went to bed only after the hubs came into the dining room at 4 am and told me I was a complete crazyinsane person for still being awake at that hour. (I was filling glass bowls with Legos to act as centerpieces on the food table) Can't help it friends. That's how I roll.
I obliged and went to bed, even though I hadn't emptied the dishwasher or finished the blessed centerpieces.

Here are pics from our day.
I think Oliver had quite possibly the
Loved seeing him have so much fun playing with his friends.
Running, laughing, saber-fighting, bouncing, eating...

light sabers the hubs made from swim noodles and duct tape

1 of 3 awesome party signs via cricut

the finished Death Star pinata!
The paint job is the hubs handywork.
He's cool like that.

Josiah and Oliver playing the lego toss game-
(note to self: organized games aren't nearly as fun for kiddos as run-around-and-play-whatever-strikes-our-fancy-at-that-moment games.)
They were the only ones who played one of the 'planned' games, and that was only after I coaxed them. The trampoline/slide/swings/tents were oh so much more fun.

light saber duel on the trampoline.
Score 1 for the hubs on purchasing the perfect birthday gift for O AND for getting us one step closer to having the best back yard evah.

the entryway.
(should I tell you that I had to remove my Valentine decor yesterday so that I could replace it with Star Wars/Lego decor?

the white frame has the Star Wars logo (printed for free online) and one of the hubs Star Wars legos.

Eliza and Grayson

it was much too pretty not to eat outside.

food table-
red lego cake and cake balls made by my fabulous Aunt Cindy

decorating the cake balls with food coloring markers.
have you seen these?
Complete and utter coolness.

time to destroy the Death Star-
the hubs blindfolded the kiddos, gave them a few spins, and set them loose...

Sam finally busts it open!

and within seconds,
they descended to grab their loot...

Leila and Eliza checkin out the candy.
love their 'crouch'

Aunt Cindy with MM and ES

E with both of her grandmothers

and oh yeah,
I was at the party too.

Complete post on what I (and others) made for the party coming on Monday.
Now to get some rest.
(yeah right)

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