Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

first up,
I've been trying out different fonts this week.
I tried courier for a while, but had trouble reading it on my work computer.
I went with verdana yesterday, but only like it so so.
Today I'm feeling like a little georgia.

Let me know how Georgia works for you, mmkay?

I was a total slacker this week with my picture taking, and I do mean TOTAL.
I have 2 partial outfits to share-
(*linked with Lindsey today)

#1- rehearsal Monday night
top- Karen Kane
skinny jeans- Old Navy
sweater- The Limited
props- my kiddos dinner plates
shoes in the next pic- Birkenstock

SO happy to be pulling these flippy floppys out of the closet.
Highs in the 70's?
yes please.

#2- teaching/rehearsal Tuesday
(and I'd like to thank the hubs for snapping this for me, however, maybe not so much space above my head and cut off ankles next time, hmmm?)
top/sweater- The Limited
capris- Old Navy
cute ballet flats that you can't see (uh-hmmm)- Target
necklace- Lisa Leonard
prop- my sweet MM
(I was totally channeling Audrey today in my black capris and ballet flats. Totally)

***these little star thingys signal an abrubt subject change, fyi***

rehearsal Monday night-
dancing (or attempting) the waltz.
I love seeing a dance come together for the first time.
The choreographer for the show is the amazing Alisha-
you might remember her from this post, when we danced for Mr. Broadway.

the show is coming along swimingly-
I'm loving working with this cast.

took these shots on my way to rehearsal tonight, and yes mother,
I was completely stopped.

The sky was just too gorgeous not to take a pic.

I've got two free St. Patty's Day subway art printables for ya from blogland-

find this one HERE

and this one HERE

only 4 more days...

and lastly,
could you do me a favor?
I've installed (or so I think) a new comment system that should allow you to leave comments even without a blogger profile and should also allow me to REPLY to your comments,
let's give it a whirl,
shall we?

Comment with, oh, anything.
the weather where you are,
your fave new nail polish,
something you just ate,
your favorite font,
and I'll reply and we'll test this sucker out.

and...hope you have an awesome day.

Any favors I can do for you??

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