Wednesday, February 16, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

I was a little lazy with my picture taking this week, partly because I've worn t-shirts/yoga pants for the majority of it since the girls have been sick- (didn't want to get snot on the good stuff, ya know?)and partly because I've just been, well...
babes that can't sleep = mommy/daddy that can't sleep

thank goodness they are starting to improve-
MM still has an awful cough, but the fever is gone and she's eating again. (yay!)

ok, enough sick talk.
onto the clothes-

#1- I went to see The Miracle Worker Sunday afternoon, so I actually got dressed in I'd-rather-not-get-snot-on-this clothes:

(big shout out to O who took this shot for me, which is why I look a little bit like a giant)
top/vest/pants- The Limited
shoes- Target
necklace- Premiere jewelry
prop- a dish towel, because I'd just washed my hands for the 47th time that day. Ya know, trying not to spread sick germs and whatnot...

#2- taken Tuesday in one of the bathrooms at school.
(O wanted in on the action too)
top- old navy
jeans- The Limited
shoes- dansko clogs
scarf- it's ancient
belt- Target
prop- school bag, coat, camera, memos I'd just typed...


here's what O looked like when he came to my room after school on Monday.
Oh, how I love this boy.

and, speaking of this cutie- his daddy found him some elbow + knee pads and a helmet at Academy Sports on Monday for 2.48. Yep- all of that for only 2.48!
(look at my hubs being all thrifty and stuff)
and...since it was a sweltering 71 degrees monday after school, it was, of course, perfect hockey playing weather. The hubs, his friend Brent, and O all played outside in the carport while MM and I watched. (E was napping)

took some pics of this cutie in her LOVE outfit.

here's how the hubs and I spent our Valentines day night.
He picked up take-out from our fave Japanese steakhouse and we watched one of Jim Gaffigan's stand-up shows in the man cave. He's hilarious-no joke. You should watch a youtube video of him (or 10). Our faves are the ones about hot pockets and bacon.

a new Barbie Collectors catalog came in the mail today.
Don't you just love those plates?
And they're dishwasher safe!

and, I leave you with this:
Do you see what I see?

Spring is on the way!
Here's some beautiful proof.
There are a total of 4 blooms on this bush just outside our front door.
Still can't believe we had snow on the ground just 4 days ago.
Alabama weather is just the most bizarre.
The most.

I'm doing a little Spring decorating to get the inside of our house ready as well. Pictures coming soon.
Are you doing anything to get ready for Spring?

p.s.- for more "What I wore" fun, check out Lindsey's blog


Handbags*N*Pigtails said...

I LOVE your "bathroom" outfit! You look great:)

Anonymous said...

and.....Oliver wore the Valentine TIE t-shirt!!


The Gambrel Family said...

I love the bathroom photo because that's where I take all my WIWW photos is in the bathroom at work! :)

Also love that you get the Barbie collectors magazine! I collect Barbie keepsake ornaments from Hallmark! Too fun!

Kristen said...

I'm with everyone else, the bathroom shot is the BEST. Maybe I need to start doing that for a change of scenery from my messy closet!

Anonymous said...

I love your Valentine's dinner! A night in is my favorite

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