Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

happy Wednesday, friends!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

2 outfits to share today and then,
some wonderful randomness from our week.
(linking with Lindsey)


top- calvin klein
cardigan- old navy (5.99 on clearance)
pants- the Limited
rosette hairband- made by me
prop- coffee


sweater- Merona (11.99 at Target)
jeans- gap long and leans
tank- old navy
glasses0 calvin klein
prop- sweet Mary Martin


randomness from our week:

don't leave red glitter, or any color glitter within arms reach of a 20-month old

ice cream in little waffle cones for dessert is always a good idea

if you have Comcast cable, then you know the tv won't work without this special little remote now. we have a little girl that likes to walk off with them, and put them, oh...
just anywhere she pleases.

this is where I found it Sunday night.

we've had lots of rain here lately, and as O and I were walking into school one day last week with our umbrellas, I turned to see that he was being a gentlemen.
SO sweet.

half of the first graders at my school had a concert Monday night-
they did an awesome job.
so proud.
they even got a standing ovation.
don't they look so cute in their gold hats?

Monday night also happened to be my first rehearsal for Cinderella. Here's the cast singing through the opening number Tuesday night.
So excited to be working on a new show.

how was your week?
any glitter spills or wandering remotes at your house?


Anonymous said...

Coffe is my favorite prop! You look great!

lindseykennedy said...

Hey, how can I get my very own rosette hairband?

Green Door Girl said...

cute outfits - your baby prop - so cute :) LOL

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