Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend recap and things worth sharing...

we had the most gorgeous day saturday.
(high of 77)

perfect for a bit of outside playtime

(once again, my 8-month old has longer lashes than me.


if you're an Audrey fan, like myself, you might like to know about this:

it's a children's book all about Audrey herself, with the most beautiful illustrations. I saw it first on Anthropolgie's site, but in typical MK fashion, I looked it up on ebay and found a 'buy it now' that was much cheaper.

here's a peek at the inside:

isn't it just divine?

also came across this Star Wars alphabet over the weekend.
This couple actually made these to hang in their kiddos nursery-

to get a closer look and to read all about their story-
visit their site HERE.


anyone else out there as excited about the Oscars as I am?

(only 6 more days)


I'm knee deep in carrying out the careful planning of a soon-to-be 6 year old's wish to have a Star Wars lego party.

I've planned and planned and planned,
and now-
I have lots of stuff to make.
(which I love, by the way)

can't believe I'm about to have a 6-year old.


I leave you with E's choice of outfit friday night:

she went back and forth from O's rain boots and his tennis shoes.
funny, funny girl...
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