Saturday, February 12, 2011

late night happenings

good Saturday mornin' to ya!
I wasn't able to post last night because our girls are
sick, sick, sick.
Just when Eliza seemed to be on the mend and her snot blow-outs were decreasing, MM started the sneezing and the coughing and the fever, so...
their grandmothers (yes, both of them)took them to the Dr yesterday and they have RSV. I remembered Oliver having this when he was a baby, but it's been a while since he was teeny tiny, so I looked it up on the computer and basically if it's not treated, or if you send your babes outside in the cold and whatnot it leads to pneumonia.
just yuck.
Poor MM was up all night with fever and coughing fits that completely took her breath away. Yep, she couldn't breathe because she had so much snot in her head.
Poor baby.
Clay and I finally got some more meds into her around 5:30 am, sucked as much as we could out of her nose with one of those bulb thingys, and she fell asleep around 6:00 am.
Oliver was up at 8:00, ready for breakfast and cartoons.
And that was our night/morning.
Well, I got something else last night too-

A birthday card that's actually a Valentine's day card from my hubs. Because he's funny like that. Also, the sweetest note ever was written on the envelope. Sweet, sweet hubs.

And what was inside?
A gift certificate for "the works" from my hair dresser.
I haven't had highlights since MM was born.
She's 8 months old.
Enough said.

Since I was planning to post pics of my wedding book last night, I'll edit and post that once I'm back from the beauty parlor (can I still call it that please?) so I can include a pic of my new hair. Well, not new but, ya know...

I leave you with just one more pic from last night-
Oliver stayed on blue or green every day this week at school, so his reward last night was to watch a bit of Transformers and eat some grilled cheese with Daddy. This is what he looked like when the hubs got home from work yesterday-

And check out E's feet-
she's wearing O's shoes.
Over her footie pajamas.
Like she does every day.
Silly girl.

Here's hoping that MM gets better fast, and that I don't ever type the word snot again.


Anonymous said...

MK, SO sorry those girls are so sick! Been there with that RSVP and it is terrible! Bless their little hearts, and your's and Clay's, too! The congestion is such a miserable thing to deal with!
Do hope they get over it all really fast. Hold tight, MK!

MELANIE said...

Sorry, MK. You may not remember but Mag was in the ER with that when 3 months old and that's what MB had when hospitalized at 6 weeks. It's terrible! Hoping for wellness and lots of sleep soon. And mom, it's RSV. You're not replying to a b'day invitation. Ha!

Jen said...

Bummer! I hope they are both better SOON! We battled RSV at 2 months and it SUCKED.... literally and figuratively. Hayes has been terrified of the bulb ever since...

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