Friday, January 14, 2011

I think I need double knee replacements...

because I almost fell this morning when I got out of bed.
I knew I could be a little sore from the 3 solid hours of dancin last night, but I never thought it would be my knees.
The good thing-
that's the only place on my body with soreness.
I know!
I can't believe it either!

Here's the rundown of last night, and if you're going
"whatchoo talkin bout, Willis?"
I posted about it HERE and HERE.
That will get you up to speed.

When we arrived last night, and by 'we' I mean Alisha, Jameson, and myself (Anna Kathryn joined us later), I quickly realized that I was by FAR the oldest. You know how you immediately start to size up your competition when you're in an audition? Not that I was auditioning for anything, was kinda like that. Anyways...
me being the un-shy person I am went up to 3 girls who were chatting before class and asked how old they were. Their responses were 15,15, and 16.
There were a few others who already had degrees and a few in college, but for the most part the majority seemed to be in the youth theatre program at Red Mountain Theatre Company.
Robin Lewis, aka Mr. Broadway, was extremely down to earth and shared stories throughout the evening as he taught. It was awesomeness. I love a good story about Mel Brooks and Martin Short, and dancing in a fork costume, and a cigarette that catches fire in your pocket onstage.
He put us through some rigorous stretches before we got started, and can I just say the word RIGOROUS again?
Because they were.
Stretches that would have been hard on my pre-baby body, so attempting them in my just-had-my-third-baby-7-months-ago body was craziness. Pure craziness I tell you.
But I did them.
I stretched.
Once we were into learning the routines, I think I kept up pretty good, only stepping offstage during a crazy learn-this-audition-combo-in-2-minutes-flat lesson to take some pics-

Alisha, (dancer extraordinaire) is in the back in the middle, and that's Jameson turned backwards mouthing, "What the...?"

A dance instructor from UA was there observing and snapped these pics for me- THANK YOU STACY!
(that's me with the red rosette in my hair, ala Eliza at Ascot)

with hats and canes, Mr. Broadway is in the front

and after the 3-hour-Fosse-dance-class
from L to R-
Anna Kathryn, Jameson, Me, Mr. Broadway, and Alisha

At one point, he did go around the room asking each of us what our story was, ie- were we in school? auditioning for shows? doing community theatre?
and after hearing so many,
"I'm in the tenth grade" or
"I'm a freshman in college"...
when he got to me, the first thing I said was,
"I'm a mommy"

that was it.
not- "I'm a director", or
"I have a BFA in musical theatre",or
"I teach 9 music classes everyday"...
"I'm a mommy"
Just further proof of where my priorities are now.
Of course, I added some of that other stuff too...

And...this car was next to ours in the lot next to the theatre. Wondering how it still had this crazy amount of snow/ice on it on THURSDAY when it hasn't snowed/iced since the wee hours of MONDAY morning.

At home with E before leaving

and since my last post had pics of O and E, I had to include some of my sweet MM today-
could you just eat her up?
(yes. yes you could)

her inner monologue here is "Aarrgghh...I'm a pirate"

and here's E having an intense conversation on a filing cabinet drawer handle turned play phone

Oliver got a haircut while I was a-dancin.
The hubs did a good job

I leave you with this-
these are the ads that showed up on my blog this morning.
A scrapbook ad
A toilet bowl cleaner ad
and another scrapbook ad...

because it's so fitting for our family.
Always gotta have a little toilet/poo reference, ya know?

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That looks like a ton of fun! And the bath pictures are adorable. Love it!

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