Thursday, August 11, 2011

A few updates

The following is a random series of photos/captions with quick updates on what's been a' happenin'. I'm insanely sleep-deprived, but wanted to post a few pics (especially of the kitchen) with even fewer words.

a quick video before leaving for school yesterday:

Oliver's classroom-

O with his teacher, Mrs. Williams

We have sheetrock.
I love it like I love Cyprus Inn's bread pudding,
which is a heckuva lot.

Eliza loves chapstick as much as I love sheetrock and bread pudding.

Supper with the hubs fam tonight.

And as I type this, the hubs is busy priming + painting those beautifully sheetrocked walls in the kitchen. The cabinets are sleeping soundly in their boxes in the man cave (they made it here yesterday) and will be installed on Monday. We can see the light....

I'll be back soon, hopefully after some much needed rest.
Starting back to work this week is kickin' my tail.
Sure nuff.

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