Monday, August 29, 2011

weekend recap

Howdy friends!
I'm back with a quick look at how we spent parts of our weekend.

Happy Birthday Elizabeth!

The kids and I went to my cousin's daughter's 4th birthday party on Saturday morning. The theme was Candyland and the decor + food was pure awesomeness.
Just check out the food table and this cake-

made by my Aunt C.
Looks just like the board game and the picture it was inspired by on Pinterest.

The birthday girl blowing out her #4 candle

Baby girl devoured every bit of that chocolate covered oreo in her hand. Well, all but the 40% of it that ended up on her face + hands.

The kids ran off lots of their sugary energy in the gym at my cousin's church-


After a full morning of playtime + cake, I brought the kiddos home, put the girls to bed, and Oliver and I started tackling

heinous, ghastly, scream-inducing mess of a playroom.

more ghastliness...


Our biggest problem, besides the awful mess of it ALL, are the books that end up everywhere.
EVERYWHERE, I tell you!!!
The little basket I bought to keep board books in on the coffee table wasn't cutting it anymore.
The books were multiplying.
(Like rabbits, if you will)
I worked on a solution to solve the book issue that I'll share tomorrow.
The rest of the mess, however?
Well that took LOTS of bending down and picking up and repeating...

Of course, my workspace wasn't the tidiest of spots either.
Workin on it...

Sunday night, my friend Christa came over with these, ummm,
pretty pillows.
did I say pretty?
I meant pretty ugly.
(sorry Christa)

They're made of a velour-ish material and she herself admitted that she never planned on using them again,
they were COVERS, which means they had perfectly good pillow forms inside.
She had also purchased some gawgeous fabric from and was hoping to get 4 pillows out of it, but it was a bit pricey so she only purchased 1 yard.
Not enough fabric for 4 19 x 19 pillows UNLESS we used some other material for the back.

Enter pretty ugly pillows again.

Once we removed the pillow forms, we realized that the OTHER side of the fabric wasn't half bad. Instead of being ALL velour-ish,
only the leaf shapes were velour-ish.
Make sense?

So we started ripping seams.
And ripping,
and ripping,
and ripping.

And after a bit of ironing and pinning and stitching,

(There's me doin the stitching. {grin} Thanks Christa for snapping my pic!)

We had 4 lovely pillows that looked like this on the back:

and this on the front:

Didn't I tell you they was gawgeous??
I, of course, had to try them out on my own sofa first, but check out how great they look in Christa's turquoise living room on her sofa:

Don't they just make the wall color POP?
LOVE how fabulous they turned out.
She has more fabric to add some accent pillows, so we'll be stitchin' again soon.

Until then,
I'm off to finish wading through our mess of a playroom.
Anyone else feeling like tossing 90% of their kids toys, or is it just me?

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