Friday, August 5, 2011

A winner and some salvaged goods

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And- since the giveaway was to celebrate 100,000 pageviews (currently at 105,443) I have to once again thank YOU, the readers, for continuing to tune in. I am truly grateful!

I have to share with you locals something that's going on at one of my fave places. All of you may recall me mourning the loss of our town's Hobby Lobby after it was destroyed by a tornado. Both businesses beside the hob lob (Big Lots & Tuesday Morning) were also destroyed. Today, all of the items that weren't completely ruined in the storm were sold in the parking lot of hob lob for 75% off. After a call from my mum telling me about it, I drove as fast as the speed limit would allow (which is 5 over, right?) and I began looking through the

I didn't take many pictures as I was so busy trying to grab anything & everything I thought I could use, but here's a few to give you some kind of idea-

books from Tuesday Morning,

quilts, comforters, sheets sets from Tuesday Morning,

Kitchen stuff, and...

more kitchen stuff.
As you can see, the Tuesday Morning stuff was in the front.
Hob Lob's stuff was in the center and very hard to get to as there were no aisles.
Just piles and piles and piles...

Here's what I came home with:

3 pretty silver sparkly vase/candle thingies that will look great in our new master bedroom.
(how's that for a description?)

a cool vintage looking glass bottle or vase & some glass prep bowls with lids

To give you an idea of how much these items were-

The Tuesday Morning price had been $4.99, so at 75% off, it was just $1.25.
I'm so good at math.

A Tommy Bahama quilt ($15), a set of 600 thread count Queen sheets ($15) & a t-shirt for O ($1.75)

A drum shade light fixture that's gonna look hawt hangin' above our new kitchen table.
The price?

It started out at $200, which is exactly what we paid for the drum shade fixture in the girls' nursery,
take 75% off of  $80 and what you have, my friends, is a drum shade fixture that costs $20.

Yes, the box was pretty disgusting...

But the shade itself?
It was perfect!
All the hardware & instructions were still there as well!

Plus a little dirt and debri and whatnot.

Also got a honkin huge grapevine wreath.
Shout-out to the friend I made in the parking lot who climbed on top of mountains of stuff to grab us both some wreaths!

And while all of those deals were great, none can compare to this-

That, my friends, is a patookis-load of fabric.
On the roll.
Yards and yards and yards of cowboy goodness.

I mean,
yards and yards and yards...

That cowboy awesomeness will soon be adorning the windows in our dining room. I've been looking for drapes/fabric since we moved in almost 3 years ago, and this? Never woulda thought I'd pick cowboys, but it was love at first sight.
In a parking lot surrounded by mounds of dusty goods and debri-
I saw the cowboys.

They happen to have the exact shade of green in them as the walls in the room (Behr asparagus) AND, those horses look to be the same shade as our dark furniture.

Pay no attention to that hamper in the dining room please.
Kitchen renovation still going strong...

Well that's the news that is the news for now I guess. They'd planned to reopen the parking lot at 9:00 this morning, BUT,
it poured rain last night which means there's now a parking lot of SAGGY DRENCHED goods that may never go to a good home now.
If you DO go to see, if perhaps, not ALL of it's soggy and ruined, you must have cash and cash only. There are no registers, or credit card sliders or bags. Just people with solo cups who are there to locate price tags and collect your money.

Who knows, I may go back out there myself just to see what's left.
Today also happens to be my first day back to school (just teachers, no students) so hopefully I'll have some pictures of my newly decorated classroom to show you soon.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Friday!

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