Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Meet Libby

Hello friends!
Today I want to introduce you to a friend of mine who recently opened up an etsy shop.
Meet Libby-

She's the blondie beside me, and yes....
this picture was taken many moons ago.
Libby and I went to high school together, did community theatre together, and even spent a few years in college together at Montevallo. The above pic of us was taken during a run of State Fair with Theatre Tuscaloosa in 2000.
Sheesh I was thin.

Here's a more recent photo of her with a friend-

Isn't she fabulous?
Libby recently opened up an etsy shop where she sells jewelry that she makes, and lemme tell ya, folks,
it's awesomesauce.
Check this out:

How gorgeous is that? And only $15!

LOVE this necklace + earring set.

'Reading can be Fun'.
You got that right.
I want this now.

she has cuffs and bracelets too-

Purple + green prettiness for $7,
for all you Alabama fans, this set screams,
"Roll Tide!"

Here's a little info on the designer herself:

  Libby (Prendergast) Medicus, from Tuscaloosa AL, currently living in Birmingham AL. I work as a Reimbursement Analyst for an audit firm.

Q- When did you start designing jewelry? Why?

A-  I have been making/designing jewelry since I was a child but I really expanded my abilities at Bama Beads in Tuscaloosa. The store is no longer there but I learned alot from those ladies.
Q- Tell us something about yourself that most people may not know.

A-  You probably don't know that I do not have a degree in Finance (based on my 9-5 job). I have a BS in Theater from the University of Montevallo

That just goes to show you that you never know where you might find an actress. Haha!

To check out Libby's shop, Suzy and Filbert, click HERE, and be sure to add it to your favorites!

Can't wait to update you on the kitchen.
It's actually starting to resemble a kitchen again.

If you DVR Design Star and haven't watched yet (*cough cough, Mallory*) you might want to skip this part.

And friends, the time came last night on Design Star to bid a fond farewell,
or just a farewell,
to her-

Her quote of the night-
"Well, I've had my wedding published in three national magazines..."
yada yada yada.
Her contributions to the reception were just plain sad.
Ah well...
good-bye, Cathy!
Have fun bossing someone else around!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!
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