Wednesday, August 17, 2011

kitchen reno: week 6

Glory Hallelujah we have cabinets.
They're gawgeousss.

Since they still don't have their tops, I'm hesitant to show a full body shot because they still look a bit nekkid,
I want to show you my favorite parts.
we haven't had actual honest-to-God cabinetry in 3 years.
I'm a bit giddy.

This is the honkin' huge corner piece that required us to take the front door off of its hinges just to get it in the house.
But ain't it a beaut?
And it's huge inside,
as in it holds the giant drink dispenser we use for parties and such.
Never had a place to store that before.

Love the foldy corner door.
I'm easily amused.

Also diggin this pull out pot thingy.
Yes, that's the technical term.
No more having to hang our big pots from the ceiling because the old cabinets were too small for them.
I'm doing a happy dance.
Wish you could see it.

And see that little doo-hickey?
It means no slammed cabinet doors
It stops the door in its tracks and slowly allows it to close.
Pure awesomesauce.
I knew the drawers would have that function but wasn't aware it would be on the cabinet doors as well.
Another happy dance folks.

Specifically requested this one for our pizza pans cookie pans baking sheets, you know, since we cook pizza cookies really healthy stuff on them a lot.

And this?
Well this made me so happy I could have peed a little.
This means no more ginormous trash can sitting out in the kitchen. These babies stay tucked away in their own little cabinet.
I'm in love.

I may or may not have stayed up super late organizing our kitchen stuff and putting it all neatly back into place.
I may or may not have.

We also have a laundry room.
No more washer and dryer slung out in the kitchen.
Hubs installed the doors and to be sure there was enough clearance along the bottom, he grabbed a few pieces of our flooring which will be installed in about a week. The laundry doors will be sporting the same hardware as the cabinets once they're painted.

E is also super excited about the whole thing.
Maybe that's why she stays up so late-
she can't stop looking at the kitchen.
See those little bare feet?
They make dusty little footprints on hardwood, FYI.
Ready for some flooring.

For now, our dining room is slowly becoming decluttered after the removal of most of the boxes.
The light at the end?
It's getting brighter, my friends!

Hope you're having an excellent Wednesday!

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