Monday, August 22, 2011

weekend recap

Happy Monday to you friends!
How was your weekend?
Mine was full of playtime with my kiddos with a Girl's night out on the side.


Our restaurant of choice for Saturday night was Chuck's, which is downtown.
Not taking into account that it was rush weekend,
and there was a talent search going on at the theatre 1 block down,
and Steely Dan was in concert at the amphitheatre,
and downtown is already a pretty happening place to be...
our wait time for a table was an hour + 45 min.
(But it was totally worth it)

Here's our group outside.
(Lisa, MK, Renee, Jamie T, DeJuana, Jamie H, Melanie, Kathryn + Annie Ruth)

Thanks to the gal who took our pic who also happened to be waiting for a table.

More people.

See the gal in black?
To the far right of the photo?
She yelled at us for sitting in chairs.
That's right folks.
There are tables right outside the restaurant where some folks were sitting as they waited, and once their name was called, they offered the tables + chairs to us.
We had our bootys in them for all of 3 minutes when that woman came out of the restaurant next to Chuck's and began yelling at us for sitting in her tables.
Didn't we know they were for HER customers?
Not Chuck's customers??
Well, no.
We didn't.
Hence the sitting...
Lesson learned.
Don't even think about sitting in those chairs if you're waiting for your table at Chuck's.

The view inside.
More people.
Lots and lots of people.
Most of them waiting.

And this, my friends, this is part of what made the wait totally worth it-
Uptown Shrimp.
Sorry for the dark photo.
I detest flash.

And this bacon avocado roll.
Also worth it.

And this bread pudding.
Totally worth waiting an hour + 45 min.

Before leaving, we were also treated to several outbursts of,
"ROLL TIDE", from another patron who had maybe had one too many.
He became a bit perturbed when not everyone in the entire place yelled it back at him.
Ah...the joys of living in a college town with a top-ranked football team.

Such a fun memorable night that was, right ladies?
Can't wait til next time!

Fast-forward to Sunday morning...

The Sunday School classes at church all promoted last week so Oliver is now in the class where I help with opening assembly.
 Such sweet kiddos in our class.
Can't believe that when he leaves this class he'll be headed to the youth group.

After church we had a delicious meal at my grandparents house and then headed home to put the girls down for a nap. Oliver and I watched Up!, and I must admit- it was the first time I'd seen it. I have no idea why I'd never watched it before, but oh golly goodness what a sweet story! (And when I say 'sweet story', what I really mean is 'tear-jerker'. Am I right?)

Still waiting on a kitchen sink.
Still rinsing sippies in the bathroom.
Still tracking dust through the house.
Still holding on to my sanity though...
just barely.

Hope your Monday is awesomesauce!

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