Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday randoms

Hello friends.
Somber today.
Lots going on.
I snapped some pics of my house this morning because the chaos of our surroundings describes my feelings today pretty well...

This is my bathroom vanity.
Without a functioning kitchen, things tend to migrate to the next available surface.
Sippy cups,
Clorox wipes,
It's all there...

The playroom.
A place where toys should be,
when everything else can be containerized once playtime is over,
things like bikes,
and strollers,
and horses,
and lawn mowers
Need to find a better location for this 'big stuff'.

The dining room.
Still serving as the place we eat every meal and snack.
I'm seriously afraid we're going to ruin this room before the kitchen is finished. Almost every chair has had some form of food or drink smeared into its cushions. Have I told you the dining room furniture was the ONLY brandspankin new 'BIG' purchase we made when we moved into the house?
As in,
it's still practically brandspankin new?
Not anymore...

And on a much lighter I'm-not-gonna-complain-anymore note-
looky where the girls decided to spend some playtime last night.
There's usually a big toy basket in that spot, but E shoved it outta the way and she and MM had a grand time using the end table as a fort.
Sweet girls.
I miss them something fierce now that school has started.

And speaking of school...

I'm still planning to share pics of my newly decorated classroom,
just have a few more things to get up on the walls.
In the meantime, please enjoy the view from my desk.
I've been uber-productive today clearing piles and filing and putting away.
Hoping to continue this at home tonight.
Any of you being super productive on this Tuesday?

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