Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Printables and Pick Your Plum

Happy Tuesday to you friends!
No (daylight) pics of the playroom yet, but I wanted to share a few goodies with you this morning...

First off,
I had a couple of questions about the printable Oliver was holding in his
 'first day of school' pics. They were a free gift from the How Does She? site HERE (just use 'welcome' as your password) Everything from Pre-school to {gulp} 12th grade are included in the set.
Here's hoping my kiddos will still pose for their aging mamma when they're in 12th grade. Surely they'll be used to it by then...

Love the fact that our kitchen progress is also documented in O's 'First day of 1st grade' pics.


Another juicy tidbit for ya is the Deal a day site, Pick Your Plum.
I think I've mentioned them here before, but if you're into crafting of any sort, or if you like personalized stamps on the cheap, or if you enjoy home decor pieces at rock bottom prices, or if you like to give unique gifts, then this site is for you. Just check out some of the goodies I've scored recently-

I'm sure most of you have heard of Divine Twine and have seen some of the yumminess you can do with it (there are entire Pinterest boards dedicated to it). However, at $15 a pop, it seems a bit impractical. Enter Pick Your Plum...
The above pic was a deal a few days ago: 180 yards of 4 different colors of twine for...
Did you hear that?
And if 180 yards just doesn't sound like enough, you can always purchase multiple sets. (I did) How cute is that twine going to look on Christmas/Birthday/Shower gifts? Or even tied onto gift tags?
Love it.

And here was yesterday's deal:

15 wooden spools to store that lovely twine on if you so choose for a mere $3.50.How lovely would these be in a glass hurricane as decor in a craft room?
For those of you lucky enough to have a craft room.
No, I'm not bitter, why do you ask?
I kid.

sign up for daily e-mails from Pick Your Plum to see what they're featuring each day. Who knows, it could be something you've wanted for a while but didn't want to spend a lotta moolah on and they'll have it for 83% off or something crazy like that.
Just maybe.

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