Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What I love about Tuscaloosa

When I heard about Centsational Girl's link party about
 "Favorite things in your town",
 I knew I had to join in.
"What do you love about your town?"
And I do LOVE my town.
Here's just a few of the reasons:

1. My Family is in Tuscaloosa. Almost all of my family. Love that my children are growing up near their grandparents/aunts/uncles.
It also doesn't hurt that I have lots and lots of wonderful friends here.
Also LOVE.

2. I love this place-

The Bama Theatre, Downtown Tuscaloosa

Not only was this the first place I started performing, (at age 7 with Tuscaloosa Children's Theatre) but it was also the location of my engagement,

and also where I directed my first show professionally. Two of my kiddos also made their stage debuts here, and no, I didn't push them unwillingly onto the stage. No Toddlers and Tiaras here. They were way too young to protest.

Special, special place.

3. I love that Tuscaloosa has a true 'downtown', which is where the Bama is located. Lots of good eatin' and shopping, and generally cool looking buildings there. Chuck's is downtown, just a block from the Theatre, and so many other places I could mention. I could definitely fill a post with the unique shops and restaraunts that are located there. Our downtown is a jewel I tell ya.

4. Our town is resilient:

Beaten, but not broken.
So inspiring to see how our town came together after the tornado.
So moving to see neighbor helping neighbor.
So many giving their time and resources to help others.
Tuscaloosa will rebuild,
and be better than before.
I have no doubt.

Our church will be among those rebuilding.
When and where, only God knows,
but He is faithful, and so we will trust Him to lead us.

To read more about my church, click HERE

5. And this list would, of course, have to include this:

Alabama Football.
While we don't attend many of the games, this is such a huge part of my town. The blood here truly does run crimson, and even if you're not a big football fan,  you can't escape it.
It's huge, folks.
All of Tuscaloosa buzzes on gamedays.
Trust me.

6. Other gawgeous places I must include:

Downtown Northport.
Did I mention that my town's so cool, it has TWO downtowns?
Because it does.

Also, take note of how I'm showing you cool places in my hood and shamelessly throwing myself into the mix at the same time.

See how gawgeous my town is?
SO many perfect spots to shoot pics of yourself in a wedding dress.
to take pics of your family...

Below is my fam in Capitol Park, which is located close to the other downtown-
(all photos by Erin Schmidt Photography)

yes, MM was fresh from the womb which is why she looks crazy tiny.
Also why I look so crazy swollen.

See what I mean about all of the "perfect spots to take pics you'll want to keep forever" places in Tuscaloosa?

There's a plethora, folks.
A plethora.

Our town also boasts lakes and rivers if what you crave is a little fun in the sun, and there's also a new amphitheatre which has already hosted TONS of huge talent. (To see a schedule of who'll be performing in the next few months,
click HERE.)
 Midtown Village is packed with store after store of pure goodness- Old Navy, Barnes & Noble, Cold Water Creek, Ann Taylor Loft, New York & Co, Charming Charlie, Best Buy, Ulta....
I could go on and on.
And did I mention that while you're there, you can pop into Starbucks for a white chocolate mocha? Or perhaps you'd like a few cupcakes from Gigi's. Maybe some Mexican food from Iguana, or some Japanese fare from Kobe.
Whatever you're craving,
we gots it here in t-town.

So, can you see why I loves my town?
These are just a few of my favorite things about the place I live.
So glad Kate is hosting this linky, and so glad I'm getting to share a bit of my city with you.
What do you love about your town?
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