Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kitchen reno: week 4

Good morning friends!
I thought I'd give you a quick update on how things are going in the kitchen.

We are about to complete week 4 of the renovation process, having started the demo on July 7, but the past week we've mostly been playing a waiting game.
As in...
ain't a whole lot been happenin' folks.

I got a pretty important phone call yesterday that set things in motion pretty quickly. We've been playing a waiting game because our cabinets were scheduled to arrive on the 15th of August, SO, not wanting to lose the use of our dishwasher or the kitchen sink, we decided to leave one section of cabinetry and wait until as close to the 15th as we could before ripping that last section out and having our drywall guy come and do his thing. You can see the point of that, right? We have 3 small kiddos, and while we can use disposable plates and utensils for the most part, we're still managing to fill the dishwasher every other day with sippies and baby spoons and mason jars (which we've been drinking out of. How very rustic, right?) The last thing I want to do is to have to cart dirty dishes to the bathroom to clean, but that time is a' comin.

The phone call yesterday morning was from a very chipper lady at the cabinet company telling me that our cabinets would be leaving the warehouse on the 9th of August which would put them here promptly on the 10th.

Say what?

While I am overjoyed at the fact that we'll have our cabinets a full 5 days sooner than expected, I was suddenly hit with the realization that Sean, the drywall guy, wasn't coming until the 8th to begin putting the walls up. Meaning the cabinets would now be here before the walls were finished and had paint on them. As Pooh would say,
"Oh bother..."

After a quick call to the hubs at work, who then made a quick call to Sean the drywall guy, I think things are once again on track a little earlier than anticipated, which is completely rockin my world.

Waiting isn't the only thing we've been doing though-
our friend, Michael, came over to help us move a huge honkin dryer plug from here:

See that empty hole near the bottom of the wall?
THAT'S where the dryer plug used to be. Not reeeeally in the best place since we're about to put a wall there.

to here:

Behind the dryer.
Where it should be.

Let's have a closer look at that gorgeous plug, shall we?

And now, I'll zoom out so you can see the one last remaining section of cabinetry that is still allowing us to NOT have to wash our dishes out in the bathroom sink and/or the bathtub-

Since our house was built in 1960, there wasn't originally a washer/dryer hookup at all. Our guess is that they used to have the longest countertops/cabinets known to man because when they added a washer & dryer several years later, they simply cut off the cabinets/countertops to the left of the sink and slapped a piece of plywood on the side.
True story.

The upper cabinets still extended all the way down the wall until hubs ripped them out a couple of weeks ago.

And in other kitchen news, we'll have a brandspankingnew kitchen door in a matter of hours. Color me thrilled.

The hubs set out to install it last night, but realized it would keep him up til at least 1 a.m., and having to leave for work around 6 didn't really make all that much sense, SO...

the door will go in shortly after he gets home from work today.

That's not to say that he didn't pose for a few pics while he took off the framing last night...

and uncovered about 51 years worth of nasty...

Sorry the pic is blurry, but I think the camera didn't even want to have to focus on the grossness that was hiding around the door.

We're replacing the door for several reasons, not just because I wanted we wanted a shiny new door to go with our shiny new room.

See that?
That duct tape on the glass?
it's holding the glass together.
Classy, huh?
Several pieces broke a few weeks ago.
Reason #1 for the new door.

Reason #2-
a small child named Eliza can now open this door herself and a key is required to lock the deadbolt. Do you keep your keys on you at all times? Because I don't.

Reason #3-
that door was old and nasty.

Good enough reasons, I'd say.

I'll try and post some pics once the new door is in but for now, here's a sneak peek of us at the Homey D's buying it last night-

Can't wait!
Is it abnormal for me to be this excited about a door?
I hope not...

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