Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas crafts- Day 5

Better late than never, right?
Today's craft comes to us from the blog Sutton Grace. She has awesomely creative ideas and when I saw her Christmas pillows a few days ago, I knew I had to try them. And by the by, I haven't completed mine yet. (gasp) That's right, I don't have finished pics of mine yet because it's not, ummm, .....finished. I liked the top red/white one the best and already had all the fabric I needed on hand from, you guessed it, the remnant section at the hob lob. Hopefully, after I get some much needed sleep, I'll have some pics to post.

Speaking of sleep, did any of you give it up to go stand in lines at your fave stores? Or did you opt out for some shut-eye and do your black Friday shopping online? I actually did a bit of both, sort of. My sis and I headed out oh so early this morning to the lovely red bullseye (Target), but, ummm....we didn't do much shopping. Long, silly story. Wait, not long. Just silly. I made it back to the Tar-jay 7 hours later, after a bit more sleep, and actually finished up our kiddos Christmas gifts. Yep. D-O-N-E. As for everyone else....still working on those.

Didn't get any decor out today, but my baby is decked out. That counts for something, right?

Those pjs say "Baby's First Christmas", and they were E's last year, so...they're MM's this year. So nice of the girls to share like that.
Happy Black Friday, ya'll.

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