Thursday, November 11, 2010

Show us your life.....the bathroom

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner for her "Show us your life" series, which has gone through every room in the house. Can you believe I'm sharing my bathroom??? After we bought our house 2 years ago, we quickly set about renovating every room in our lovely 1960's ranch. We put hardwoods in the dining room, foyer, living room, hallway to the bedrooms, painted just about every wall in the entire house, put new fixtures throughout, bought LOTS of furniture, but.........we stopped when we got to the bathrooms and kitchen. Why, you ask???

The answer is simple, really.

The first reason is Eliza, who is now 17 months old.
the second reason is Mary Martin, who is now 5 months old.

Who needs a new kitchen and bathrooms anyway??

So... onto the pics of our (still stuck in the 60's) bathroom. (keep in mind, this is the bathroom I share with Oliver, and the girls although they're not using the 'potty' yet. I would never show you the hubs bathroom. That would be your eyes. While mine is greatly outdated, it doesn't quite make me want to vom like his does.)

It's a lovely shade of pepto-pink, kelly green, and white. This is a recent add-on to hold the always necessary toilet paper which our family seems to go through faster than....well, just fast. We use a lot of t.p. at the Mathews house and only 3 of us are potty trained. Oh, and see that pretty pink trinket dish? That came from the etsy shop Silver Lining. Amber has this great collection of antique odds and ends and even some items that she's made. Check it out here.
I actually love our old sinks. The hubs sink is like this one too. (not that we don't like to share a bathroom, mind you. It just works better for us if we don't. ;o)
And if you're at all familiar with potty training, then you might recognize that potty chair/step stool underneath the sink. It was great for O man while he was learning to go in the potty. When you make a 'deposit' into it, it plays music, and you know I'll buy anything that plays music. With the lid folded down, it becomes a step stool, which is great since he's still not quite tall enough to reach the faucet.

These pics are also a recent addition. I saw a similar grouping of photos with an initial letter over at How Does She and figured I could recreate it on the cheap. So.....I did. Those frames were $2 a piece at Dollar General and the 'M' was a gift from the hubs grandmother after Mary Martin was born. As much as I will enjoy looking at pics of my kiddos in the bathroom now, I must admit that I am super thrilled about those new numbered knobs for their hooded towels. Now they won't be hanging on the cabinets, or over the side of their cribs or tossed onto our bed for goodness sakes. Now they have a spot all their own. Yay for that. The numbered knob things were also purchased from the etsy shop Silver Lining.

Here's my nifty little vanity that's built in and, again....pepto pink and green. Gotta love those 60's. That cabinet actually holds and organizes all my jewelry and it's uber-fabulous. It's made by Lori Grenier and she has all shapes and sizes of jewelry cases. Even cosmetic cases. I saw it first on QVC, but found mine brandspankingnew on ebay for much cheaper. It actually spins on its base and opens on both sides. One side has hooks to hang necklaces, and the other has a wall for earrings and a spot for rings and bracelets. It's pure genius.

These are the cabinets I mentioned earlier that used to have hoodie towels hanging on all the pretty glass knobs but not anymore since they will forever more be in their proper place.
And yes, that's a baby papasan at the bottom of the pic because, well, sometimes you have a fussy baby AND you have to go to the bathroom, so....rather than leave her in another room wailing, she has a nice comfy spot to sit in. And sometimes, when she's happy, she likes to sit and watch me get ready in the mornings. That papsan has been with us for all 3 kiddos, and has even endured a splattering of nail polish recently when I dropped my fave OPI on the tile right next to it. Thanks for being so loyal, baby papasan. I owe you.

Here's my 1960's shower, which is actually pretty great since the hubs installed the new shower's the big kind that kind of makes you think it's raining in there, only you're in the shower. Maybe it has an actual name, I don't know. I just know it's fab. And, if you look to the left of the shower, you will see our super-cool heater that no longer works but must have been a cool thing to have in the bathroom in the 60's, AND if you look super-duper close, to the left of that heater, you can see a tiny box which happens to be a 4-pronged phone jack. That's right friends....this house didn't even have modern phone jacks when we moved in, and can you believe that we didn't even notice??? Only after moving in and trying to plug in a phone did we realize that the tiny little boxes on the walls with 4 holes were the phone jacks. FROM 1960. The folks that lived here before us must not have been 'phone' people. Whatever that means...'s just one more shot of that ultra-fab green and pink tile. Be jealous. :o)

So....there's one of the 3 rooms in our house yet to be overhauled. I hope you liked the blast-from-the-past that is my bathroom!
And since we were out of school today, I got a ton of DIY projects finished. Pics coming tomorrow.
God Bless!


karperks said...

Oh my goodness, Mary Kathryn! I'm just checking out your blog (looks great) and I just told Todd I want to do that picture display with the letter in our foyer, but I don't think I saw it on How Does She, hmmmm. I always forget where I see things. BTW, have you seen this blog
I've read it forever, and thought you might like it and the author has a little girl Eliza's age, I think.

Also, thanks for the scrapbook suggestion, it's just what I had in mind. Sorry for the rambling!

Brittany said...

I love how you adapted to the pink and green tile. Please teach me how! Our bathroom is pink and blue tile. Everywhere. The guest bath - hunter green and a nice butter yellow.

No money for a bathroom overhaul so I guess I will have to get crafty to make mine look as cute as yours!

marykathryn said...

Karen- I'm so glad you like the baby book! I can't tell you how awesome it is.....Brittany, you need a baby book to record all of your littles pics and milestones? Huh, huh? Do ya? I've got the perfect one, FYI. And...just like you, we have no moolah for a bathroom overhaul so I've just learned to live with it. I have asked for a new kitchen for Christmas though, so we'll see how that goes. I can't. in the kitchen. There's only so much you can"learn to live with". Oh, and Karen- yes, I read Making it Lovely! I love her blog, and her house. Can't wait to see her new basement!

Erin said...

OK...I would literally renovate my "modern" bathroom to be much more "Mad Men" like yours! I love the vintage look...especially original!!! Just tell everyone you remodeled it and designed it yourself and people will be V. impressed!!!

kelly, said...

I think the pink/green is cute. Love that vanity. very convienent.

Robin said...

Mary Kathryn, there is nothing wrong with your have done such a fantastic job with making everything work! I LOVE everything you've done to make it your own!

(You should have seen our first was HIDEOUS! Avocado green sink, toilet, and tub, peeling yellow vinyl floor, and wallpaper that had pencil drawings of women in togas holding urns. **shudder** Oh,and parts of the floor were sinking in, too! AND the hot water heater was next to the sink.)

Thank you for visiting my blog and your super-sweet comment!!!


Robin :o)

Green Door Girl said...

I love those number hooks, very cute! I also love the retro bathroom :)

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