Thursday, November 4, 2010

the girl loves her some shoes...

I can never resist taking pictures of E when she tries on our shoes. It happens all. the. time. but...
it's just too stinkin cute.
I also think it reminds me of when I used to do this with my parents shoes.

There once was a little girl named Eliza Jean.
She liked to wear grown-up shoes.

She would wear daddy's shoes... and mommy's shoes.
Sometimes, she just liked to sit amongst them.

She would sit,
and sit,
and sit.

And when she tired of sitting amongst the shoes, she decided she would roll around with her blanket.

Sometimes she would say, "night-night".
As her mommy was taking pictures of her adventures with the shoes, her baby sister was doing this....
and so her mommy did this.....

and all was well again.
The End.
(night night)

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MELANIE said...

Your long arms really are amazing! And, I just love me some Eliza.

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