Friday, November 12, 2010

Spray paint love

Happy Friday everyone! Did you check out all of the bathrooms at Kelly's Korner today? (I'm number 32). I just love looking into other people's homes. Must be why I like house hunters so much.'s project is brought to you by the colors Blue Ocean Breeze, Black, and the number 2. (sometimes I just have Sesame Street on the brain) I'm finding I really love Krylon spray paint and would like to have it in every color of the rainbow. Anyone else out there a fan of this stuff? Let's start with that uber-gaudy mirror I picked up last week at the antique store/thrift shop. It was a whopping $16, and if you've looked at mirrors lately, you know that one this big is generally quite a bit more.

Now, in order to do this the right way, you'll need some handy dandy blue or green painter's tape, but we were fresh out, so..... I used what we had. Some scotch tape and last weeks Belk ad. There ya have it folks. Oh, and I also wiped that sucker down from top to bottom since there was a whole lotta dust goin on. I'm guessing it had been hanging in that antique/thrift shop since Bush was president, and I don't mean George W.

I just happened to have some bulletin board paper at the hizzy, so I spread that out on the lawn so as not to turn it blue, and went to sprayin. It took two coats, but this paint dries super fast and it was also close to 80 degrees here yesterday. (I just love getting ready for Christmas while I'm sweating in a tank top.)

And here's the finished project. Now, I know what you're thinking..."shouldn't those walls be white?" and the answer is 'yes'. In the kitchen I've designed in my head, the walls and cabinets are gleaming white, while the counter tops are a beautiful dark gray/black. So, just for me, could you pretend that mirror is hanging on a bright white gleaming wall? Ok, thanks.

And this is the only way MM was happy last night while I finished up and cleaned around the house. Love this baby girl.

And onto another project from yesterday.....
you know these letters from Hobby Lobby? They're regularly $9.99, but if you've been to the hob lob for a second, you know that everything goes half-off on a pretty regular basis. So...I bought these letters quite a while back at $5 bucks a pop but never intended for them to stay gold.
Again, ....I put them on some paper to protect our lovely grass. (And FYI, I know it might look just plain dumb to have them so close to the mirror that was going to be a different color. I mean, what if there was wind? What if some black paint blew over onto the blue??? Oh the terror! I promise I'm semi-smart. Really. There was no wind, and I mean none. Believe me. I checked.)

And here they are after their first coat of matte black. It took two to cover up all that shiny gold, but I'm thinking about sanding a bit on their edges to let a little come back through. Haven't decided yet.

Again, if you will....please imagine the wall behind those lovely black letters is white. Thank you.
All joking aside though, don't they look fab? I love walking into the door and seeing those words (as if I'm not already usually hungry when I walk in the door from, well...anywhere). The hubs did point out though that if you look under the words, you're actually looking at our laundry room, so he thought I might should've bought W-A-S-H. He's funny like that. In my dream kitchen, our pretty washer and dryer would be behind some pretty white doors. Just sayin...

So there ya have it. Two fun projects that took very little time or effort. My finger didn't even get tired working that spray can. And how could I close without thanking my handsome hammer wielding hubs who hung everything up for me on the not white walls? He is, isn't he?He also put a whole lotta stuff on our bathroom wall- if you haven't seen it, check out yesterday's post.
I'll be back soon with more crafty goodness. Night ya'll.


Erin said...

Oh, I thought it was going to be a cliff-hanger!!!! Was it going to spell EAT? TEA? ATE?

Robin said...

I am LOVING that beautiful blue mirror! Those letters look so much better black, too! I may have to take a closer look at those on my next trip to HL!

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