Tuesday, November 16, 2010

She can now officially add the 'half'

One and a half, that is. Not that she's been chomping at the bit to tell everyone, like say.... our 5 year old (who has been ready to turn 6 six since the day he turned 5) but she could now say "I'm one and a half" if she could say those words at all.

Eliza, here's what you're up to these days at 18 months old....

You like to 'eat eat'. All.The.Time. You love love love your brother and sister. You play all the time in Oliver's room (he has the most toys) and you treat MM like one of your baby dolls, often picking up bottles and passys you've found and sticking them in her mouth (and then in yours).

You like to rip your hairbows out of your hair immediately after it's been brushed and 'fixed'.

You love shoes. Not as much as you love your daddy, but shoes are WAY up there on your lists of favorite things.

One of your new favorite spots is ON your brother's star wars table. Oh yeah, that reminds me...you like to climb. A lot.

You will also hold anything in your arms and rock it like it's a baby. You are such a little mommy.
You love jewelry.

Did I mention that you like to eat?

Some of the words we hear from you most often are: eat eat, daddy, shoes, juice, pretty, Mary, liver (Oliver), baby, more, peas (please), eat eat, mawmaw, pop, mommy, mal-mal, ma'am, pawpaw, books, eat eat, night night, NO, poo poo, tee tee, bow, woof woof, doggie, meow, moo, eat eat.
And....we hear the pitter-patter of your little feet running in the house all the time.You also want whatever someone else has....

Especially if it's MM's.

We ate dinner at the in-laws last night. The hubs and his bro are so competitive. Here they are playing one mean game of chutes and ladders. Whoooooo....the trash talkin that went on. (not quite sure what K's doing here, but it makes me want to sing, "I've got five on it...")

Here's E with my SIL MK. E wanted in on the chutes and ladders action too.

MM with my MIL.
Did I mention the fact that it's still raining here?? That was just one of the many reasons I did NOT want to leave the house this morning and go to work. For the other reasons I came up with, (all of which were very valid) check out my tweets from today. (They're also on the right sidebar of this blog.)
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