Friday, November 5, 2010

thrifty finds...

before I get to the vintage goodies I picked up today, allow me to share with you what my kiddos did as they waited for the oven to preheat, and then cook our dinner...

Eliza ran circles around the kitchen with her blanket flying high above her head while Oliver rolled around on the floor, and.... then she decided she would join him and roll as well.
(glad the floors are clean)
E ate half of her pizza with the oven mitt on her hand.

and O named the percussion instruments he's learning about with his super-cool music teacher at school.

MM just likes to watch the craziness.

there was a slight casualty tonight. E decided she didn't really like this book she found in O's room. Perhaps because she realized it was all about an elephant with the same name as her brother and had absolutely nothing to do with her. (fear not though. to be fair, I quickly pulled out my copy of Pygmalion and she loved it)

Now, onto my super fab and super-dee-duper thrifty vintage finds. On the way home from school today, O and I stopped at the little antique shop located next to Circlewood Baptist Church. We pass it everyday on our way to and from school and I used to occasionally stop in every now and then, but it had been years since I'd been inside. This is what I picked up today:

1. DVD of Veggie Tales The Star of Christmas - $3
2. DVD of Somewhere in Time- $2
(if you've never seen this, please don't tell me. It's just that it's so good it would probably make me cry knowing you'd never seen it, like the time my aunt told me she'd never seen The Sound of Music
3. DVD of The Women- (brand new, never opened) $3 (this is a re-make of a film from the 40's starring lots of my favorite actresses from that time. Don't know if this new version is any good, but I'll risk 3 bucks to find out.)
4. marble horse head bookend- $1.8
5. small pink/white china saucer- .23 cents
6. Better Homes and Gardens magazine from Dec of 1960- .80 cents
7. Children's Old Testament from 1923- .80 cents
8. other vintage book
(can't recall the name just now and it's all the way in another room. I can't be bothered to get up)- .80 cents
Now, you might be wondering, "just what are you going to do with that stuff?"
I'm so glad you asked.
Let's start with the little china saucer/dish. I'd been wanting something for my night stand that could hold my jewelry/ponytail holders and I thought it would be perfect. It looked a bit grimy when I found it:

but after a quick scrub to half of it, it was looking much better. (and yes, the price tag does say .25, but it came from a booth that was having a 25% off sale on all its merchandise. Boy am I glad. Don't know if I could have sprung for it at full price)

And, this is what's on the bottom, FYI. Don't have a clue what it means, but I plan to Google it and look on ebay to see if i can find out anything about it. Maybe it's a big deal. Who knows...

And here it is in it's new home on my night stand. I always end up with a couple pairs of earrings and some ponytail holders all over the top, and eventually clean it off and put them back in my jewelry case, but....until then, this is a nice little spot for them to live. In a cute little dish that was a whopping .23 cents.

Next, onto the horse head. It was a whole $2, but was also 20% off. It's real marble, and I happen to like marble, horses, AND I have a ton-o-books, so.....
I grabbed him up. Doesn't he look good on my shelf next to War and Peace?

Here's the title page of the little blue vintage book, The Saviour King. It says that it's a children's book about "the life of our Lord Jesus Christ", and the copyright date is sometime in the 1920's. (Again, it's all the way in another room and I just can't be bothered to get up and look for the actual year. Sufficient to say- it's OLD).

And here's the copyright of the other book- 1908. Couldn't believe it was in such great shape to be that old. And for .80 cents?? You betcha.

Here's the cover of The Saviour King. Pretty, huh?
And, the Better Homes and Gardens mag from 1960 had such fabulous ads that I just had to share some with you:

(what goes around, truly does come around. Rosettes are everywhere now- on headbands, lapel pins, bags/purses, and people have even started making wreaths out of them. Who knew they were also making rosettes like that in 1960?)
And a treat came in the mail today that I ordered from etsy. This adorable onesie with the vintage Barbie silhouette is from etsy seller, Suburban Grafitti. Just in case you didn't know, I love all things Barbie. Especially vintage Barbie.

And what's not to love about these sweet ruffles on the bum?
One last pic of the kiddos.
I call this one, "Tearing up the room".
Goodnight all.


Jenn @ The 31 Years said...

Mary Kathryn,

You posted on my blowup so I'm posting on yours :) thanks for your sweet comment. Those thrift finds are amazing! I want an old magazine like that! What grades did you teach music? I used to teach kindergarten! Your kids are so cute...I can't wait to have our 2nd but don't know how I'll do it!

Green Door Girl said...

Great finds - I am your newest follower. I am also an Alabama blogging mom - saw your new post on Alabama Bloggers :) Feel free to check out my site - :)

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