Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving-a-thon and a weekend recap...a bit late

So....finally got Thanksgiving pics downloaded. After weeding through the mountain of photos I took and deleting the duds, here's a quick over-view of our whirlwind Thanksgiving marathon. Hence, the title Thanksgiving-a-thon. Since the hubs and I are blessed to live in the same city as our parents, and our parents' parents, we have quite a few houses to visit every holiday. Last year we made it to all 4 Thanksgivings- my mom's family, my dad's family, his mom's family and his dad's family. That made 4 Thanksgiving meals in a row my friends. And....I was preggo. And....lugging around 2 kiddos. This year, we made it to 3 Thanksgivings with our 3 kiddos. And yes, I ate a full meal at all 3. Was there any doubt?
Here's E with my Grandaddy (mom's dad) at Thanksgiving #1 which my parents held at their house this year. They're intently focused on Toy Story 3 in this pic.
And so was O...

Sweet MM in the headband I made for her that morning before we walked out the door because she had to have one that matched her outfit. Had to.

Cousin Laura with MM. She's expecting a baby boy in February. Can't wait!

Eating pic. Literally. Look how many people I caught with their mouth open...

Another eating pic...

And I took a pic of my Dad taking a pic of me. We're cool like that.

Eliza made sure everyone got to eat

And then took the rest for herself.

O did some math after he ate.
(btw- sorry these captions are oh so boring. It's been a loooong day and I'm a bit brain-dead)

Taking a post-meal rest. It was necessary.

And I asked (no, made) my sis take a pic of me and the hubs since I'm never in any pics because I'm always behind the camera. I told you the hubs can't take a 'normal' pic, right? Case in point, my friends. Case in point.

Moving on to Thanksgiving #2. Uncle Joe and Miss Amy's house. (dad's fam)
Since we had just eaten, O was content to play on an iphone.

My dad, aunt, uncle, mom, MM, Mal, and Chad
MM was totally acting like she wanted to dive right into the food. Ironic since she still won't eat baby food. Projectiles that stuff outta the mouth every time.
Behold....the Krispy Kreme bread pudding.
That's right.
You heard me.

Cousins John and Win.

Still on the iphone.

Never were there such adoring sisters....
(name that movie. anyone? anyone? Bueller?)

Karen and me, holding our sleeping baby girls. We both announced we were pregnant last Thanksgiving. No announcements this year. Well... I did switch to low-fat pop-tarts. Maybe I should've announced that.
Aaaaaaaaaaand....Thanksgiving #3.
Home of Rush and Diane Smith. (aka, the hubs aunt and uncle)

E with her Mawmaw (the hubs mom) and Presley

and the hubs Mawmaw in a hat. Not her hat. Funny.


O zapping/light saber-ing/or straight up killing Jason and Liz. Not quite sure which character he was being here, but rest assured lots of sound affects were going on....

The hubs grandparents, parents, and uncle. Hmmm....they should totally use this as their Christmas card pic.

moving on to the weekend...
E climbed her little behind all the way up into my director's chair for the first time. I found her sitting just like this watching tv.

I pulled out our toy nativity sets for the kids to play with-
here's the Playschool 'little people' version....
(when you press on the angel, it plays Silent Night)

And the Veggie Tales version. The angel here, Laura Carrot, sings O Little Town of Bethlehem when you mash on her face. Ah....the memories I have of O when he was little making her sing over and over and over and over and over and ove.....well, ....you get the picture.

MM was mesmerized by the lights on the tree. I loved, and I mean loved watching her face as she looked at the lights and reached out to touch the braches. Precious.

Saturday night shenanigans.
The hubs friends came over after a birthday celebration for one of his friends and decided to have their own 'Sips and Strokes' at the house.
No kidding.
There are 4 renderings of Brent leaned against the mantle with glass goblet in hand.

a pic of all 3 kiddos before bed saturday night. O asked to hold MM. And then, of course, E wanted to as well....

took MM to the doc for her 6-month check up on Tuesday. She weighs a little over 15 lbs. E was 22 at her last visit. I practically have twins. No kidding.

It was a 3-shot visit.
Poor baby.

And O, right before bedtime Tues night.
He's Spiderman.
As if you couldn't tell.


MELANIE said...

Thanks for reminding me to get out our Fisher Price manger scene. I keep forgetting. It's usually out before Halloween just so I can appease myself with something "Christmas." Low-fat Poptarts, that cracked me up. BTW, have I told you lately that I'm in love with Eliza?

karperks said...

I totally stole the pic of us...it's way better than the one we got!

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