Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween pics........finally

our weekend was busy busy busy. Lots of fun activities packed into a short time. Our church's Fall Festival was saturday night. Oliver dressed as a Clone trooper, Eliza was Princess Leia, and MM wore her big sis's fairy costume with tutu. The weather was absolutely perfect. Wonderful evening with wonderful friends.

Here's Oliver in his favorite thing of the night.....the bouncy, jumpy things. (do they have an actual name?) on the hayride.....
(thank you Kara, for watching my clone trooper)
after the hot dog....ketchup on the nose

Eliza's favorite game was Pick Up Duck. She kept them after she picked them up though.

This is where MM hung out all night. She loved watching everything from here. She ate and even went to sleep in it. Precious girl.

Halloween the next night-
Oliver wanted to be Ironman. He already had the costume. Awesome.
Princess Leia was in the wash, so......Clay tried a few others on E, who wasn't really in the mood to try on costumes, and finally found a princess dress that fit. (whew) MM decided she would be a banana.
Here's O in a super-cool Ironman pose:

O and E got new toothbrushes from black mawmaw. (for those of you who don't know, this is what they call my MIL) Oliver's just happened to be an Ironman toothbrush. He brushed his teeth as SOON as we got home.

my sweet MM. (we had a monkey costume that was just a wee bit too small for E, but seriously...how cute would it have been for the girls to be a monkey and a banana??)

I promised pics of Clay's pumpkin, so here it is. Pretty awesome, huh?

All 3 with aunt MalMal

Now, ....onto more recent happenings:
Oliver is the VIP in his class this week which means each day, he will get to share something about himself with the class. Monday, all of the kids take a t-shirt (which starts out as a piece of posterboard) with pictures of their family, activities they enjoy, favorite toys, etc. Here's Oliver posing with his shirt before leaving for school Monday morning.

Last night I had a PTO concert with my first graders. They did an AWESOME job. SO proud of them. And don't they look fab in their sparkly gold hats and bow ties?
(yes. yes they do)

And today.....
I voted.
Did you?
I just watched the acceptance speech of our new Governor-elect, Dr. Robert Bentley.
He began his speech by thanking God.
What a blessing.
I have no doubt that God has mighty plans for Dr. Bentley.
Proud to be an Alabamian.


Kara Blankenship said...

It took me a minute to find myself in the hayride pic. And if we are voting on pumpkins, I'm sorry MK but Clay's ROCKS!!

emily said...

omg, i'm lovin' the banana! how adorable!

thanks for stopping by my blog today---and for leaving a sweet comment!
blessings :)

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