Thursday, November 18, 2010

early morning happenings and a bloggy award

So....the hubs and I were up with BOTH girls last night- MM woke up at 1:15 and was hungry. (Fed her, got back into bed) E woke up at 2:45 coughing. Hubs gave her meds, got her back to sleep.) Poor thing coughed all.night.long. Don'tcha just hate it when your kiddos are sick?? Anyways.....

Guess what we're doing today??? We're closing on a house! That's right friends! We're buying the house at 1600 Fairmont!

Wait....don't we already live there?
We do.
We're re-financing!!! (wa-hoo!!!)
I don't know why, but this makes me feel like such a grown-up. Not that being married and having 3 kids and already purchasing a home aren't gown-up things too...but merely saying, "We've decided to refinace" makes me feel all the more grown-upish. We'll be at an office today at 4:30 signing every paper left on the face of the earth after we bought the house. I thought we'd signed every single piece of paper there was when we initially bought the house, but evidently there are a few papers left on this earth that still don't have our signatures.

Now....onto some other fun stuff. Brittany over at Confessions of a Newlywed gave me a bloggy award! How exciting! Here's the lovely graphic that comes along with it...(ooohhhh, ahhhhhh) And here's the rules:

1. Thank and link back to the person that gave it to you.
Thank you Brittany! And please check out her blog. She is freakin' hilarious and the cutest pregnant gal I've ever seen.

2. Share 7 things about yourself:

1) I love to sing. If you've known me for a second, you probably know this. My degree is in Musical Theatre, and if i could go about my life singing all the livelong day without driving (my hubs) everybody crazy, i probably would.
2) I can't go to bed if there are dishes piled in the sink. Can't stand it.
3) I love to decorate.
4) At any given moment, there are anywhere from 5-20 craft projects somewhere in my house that I've started but haven't finished. Sometimes I just lose steam or get sidetracked by one of the kiddos. But I
5) I love my Jesus and my family. (In hindsight, this probably should have been first on my list)
6) I like things organized and in their proper place. Probably why I buy lots of hooks and containers so that everything can have it's own spot.
7) I love to buy Christmas presents for other people. Finding (or making) that perfect gift for someone gives me a rush like I imagine drugs would. (not that I would know- someone could offer me weed and i wouldn't have any idea what it was...) there's 7 totally random things about myself that happened to pop into my head as I was typing. Now...onto rule #3

pass this along to 5 bloggy friends-

1. Jennifer over at McDanal's Memoirs
2. Kara over at Blankenship Bulletin
3. Robin over at Alabama Slacker Momma
4. Jenn over at Green Door Designs
5. April over at The Fabulous Five

so there ya have it folks. Hope you're having a fabulous day! And here's hoping we get some sleep tonight at my hizzy.

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April said...

haha! I don't think you are a stalker! Thanks for the award!

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