Thursday, September 29, 2011

craft fair goods and a photo dump

Since I'm still working my boo-tay off on things for the craft fair, I thought I'd give you a few hints of what I'm working on.
More detailed + finished pics will come tomorrow...

Not finished yet, but they'll be awesomesauce when they're done.
Memo boards/jewelry holders

Pennant banners.
Different colors.
Different themes.

On your lapel,
in your hair,
on your babes head.
Lots of flowers.

More later...

And now,
since I'm off to teach some music,
here's a few recent pics of the fam that I'm lovin:


Happy Thursday friends!

And...if you'd like some Fall inspiration for your front door,
or your side door,
or your outhouse,
Rhoda's party went live this morning.
Check it out HERE.
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