Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shaun the Sheep

On a quaint little farm in the English Countryside, there lives
 a farmer,
a dog,
3 pigs,
some chickens,
and a flock of sheep.

In this flock is one mischievous little woolly sheep named Shaun.
The house of Mathews only recently discovered this little gem of a show through the magic of Netflix, but if you have children, or a sense of humor,
then by golly goodness you need to check it out and have a laugh or two. While I do think the show is geared towards kiddos, the hubs and I have found ourselves guffawing from time to time while watching with Eliza before bedtime.
I'm tellin' ya-
it's that good.
You can watch clips from the show on its official site HERE,
and you can watch and listen to the theme song (and forever more have it stuck in your head) right here- 

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