Thursday, September 15, 2011

recent pics of the kiddos and a bit of craziness

It's been a while since I've posted any recent pictures of all of the kiddos and I just so happened to have captured quite a few blog-worthy ones recently, so
here goes.


while I happened to be checking my blog stats yesterday,
I thought I'd also check to see what kinds of searches were landing people on my blog. I don't do this very often, so you can imagine my shock when I saw this list on the screen:

Mathews Family Happenings-
yup, that'll take you to my blog.

Behr asparagus-
that's the color of our walls.
definitely mentioned it on the blog several times.

cricut projects-
got tons of those.

pennant banner target-
does a day go by when I DON'T mention Target?

big booty in music studio-
what whaty in WHAT?
when have I EVER mentioned a big booty in a music studio?
If I have, and I've just forgotten, please let me know.
That would mean I'm losing my mind.
You'd think you would remember writing about a big booty in a music studio.
I mean,
you'd THINK.

boy pop balloon-
a bit odd, yes, but I've talked about balloons and I have a boy.

vintage Barbie cakes-
I did an entire post about a vintage Barbie party. Completely logical.

vintage photos of family nudity in the home-
I read this two, no THREE times just to be sure I'd read it right.
And not just any nudity, but VINTAGE FAMILY nudity?
I mean, that's got to be the worst kind, right?
What in the what what what WHAT??

And lastly,
for all you Tuscaloosans-
Michaels is up and running in its new location.
(the old Old Navy)
It's huge,
everything inside is now in a different place,
but everything is also clean and bright and shiny.

I still miss hob lob, but a brandspankin new Michaels in a closer proximity to my house ain't too shabby.
I'll take it.

Happy Thursday to ya!

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