Thursday, September 22, 2011

thrifty finds

did a lil' thriftin' last week.
no huge haul to speak of, but a few prizes worth braggin' about...

1 set of fab green wooden beads- 1.04
1 new white platter for my dining hutch- 1.48
1 small blk dish with turquoise middle- .99
1 mini guitar- 1.48
3 chick-lit books- 1.98 each= 5.94

5 frames of varying sizes ranging from .99- 2.98
I plan to spray paint these soon and turn them into fabulousness that I'll be sharing with ya. In the meantime, let's zoom in on that bear in the shower cap and think about the person crazy enough to have staged this photo...

Stuffed bear? check
shower cap? check
bath towels with lace trim? check
basket of fake flowers? check
soaps in the shape of sea shells? check
shower scrubber to stick in the bear's paw? check
 all items placed around the stuffed bear and posed as if ready for a shower and extremely excited about it?

Once I take these frames apart, I won't need the pics inside anymore-
so Mr. Shower Bear will be up for grabs.

In other non-crazy-thrift-store-pic news...
I also picked up some thrifty goods from Target.
Did you really think I could go a whole 2 days and not mention the bullseye?

Do any of you shop the clearance racks?
I mean, really dig into those things for the good deals?
Because I climbed in one last week.
No joke.
I found so many smokin' hot deals that I basically blocked anyone else from getting near me and the 75% off rack with my red buggy. Smokin' hot deals like tops + skirts for 1.49- 2.49 and dresses for 5 buckaroos.
yes, I know this is end of the season clearance,
but we're in AL here folks.
It's been above 80 every day this week.
Plus, I bought sizes that will fit next year as well.

I came home with this: 

14 pieces of cuteness...

yes, that's 3 of the same skirt in the pic above.
didn't really mean to do that, but it's 3 different sizes and they were only 1.49, so expect to see my girlies in those striped beauties for the next 4+ years, mmmkay?

Cinderella was E's fave, and at less than 2 bucks it was well worth it for a Christmas-morning-type-squeal from her.

The moral of today's post?
Get thee to a Target if you have younguns and would like some discounted duds,
if you've always wanted a picture of a stuffed bear in a shower cap,
I'm your gal.

Happy Thursday!

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