Monday, September 12, 2011

Because sheets are fabric too...(part 2)

Remember back in,
oh,................I don't know,
of this year when I posted about updates I'd made in the master bedroom?

Well, 3 days after that post,
I had a bit of surgery,
we moved in with my in-laws for 10 days,
moved back into our house,
and put ALL of our attention on the kitchen,
which you can read about HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Finally, yes, FINALLY I've gotten around to completing some of the many projects I'd planned to do way back when.

The first of which was curtains.
Or drapes, if you're uppity.

You know I'm cheap, so even though IKEA sells some fantastic AND inexpesive curtain panels, I set out to find a way to make them even cheaper.

Enter sheets:

King flat sheets, to be exact, from Target.
They cost a whopping 16.99 a piece, and measure 108" x 102".
Hmmm...I says to myself-
If I cut those babies into thirds, I'd have 6 panels.
Then I gave myself a pat on the back, threw 2 flat sheets into my red buggy, and strolled straight over to Starbucks & bought myself a white mocha for being so good at math.

After finishing my white mocha, I measured my sheets and cut them into 3 equal strips.

I folded over the edges that  had been cut and pressed down a 1" seam-

then I stitched each of those rough edges.

Enter curtain hanging devices:

I picked up 3 cheap-o spring rods and some drapery rings-
(We have window boxes in the master, so I didn't need to buy decorative curtain rods since they wouldn't be seen)

Here's a 'before':

See the pretty white boxes?
They came with the house and so far I haven't hated them enough to rip them down.

I opened up the drapery rings and placed them equally (or semi-equally) along the tops of each panel, then slid two panels onto each spring rod-

and this was the result:

complete with messy pile of hangers and a stack of empty shoe boxes...


No, I haven't hemmed them yet.
Yes, they desperately need to be steamed.
No, that art work above the bed no longer matches the bedding.
Yes, I already have a DIY in the works to replace it.
No, we don't have a babe sleeping in that pac-n-play every night.
Yes, we keep it in here for days when the girls would rather talk and sing to each other than nap. Seperate rooms to nap in has kept us sane.
Yes, that's an ab roller in the bottom of the pic.
No, I don't use it much, unfortunately.

So, whatcha think of my sheet curtains?
why not the windows?

**Stay tuned for LOTS more change-a-roos in the ole' master**

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