Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Kelly and we apologize for the mess...

Happy Friday friends!
And good golly miss molly am I glad that it's a 3-day weekend.
Can I get an Amen?

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments yesterday about the kitchen!
We are thrilled to be so close to completion and very much looking forward to being able to enjoy the space with family and friends.

Speaking of friends...

We got to celebrate Kelly's birthday last night at Surin,
which, by the by, has some of the MOST delish Thai food in Tuscaloosa.
I recommend the Surin baskets and the chicken coconut soup,
and of course you MUST get sushi.
I mean, if you eat sushi.
If you don't, then I probably wouldn't order any.

Transformers cake which my kiddos partook of and still went to bed on time!

Don Siegelman was also eating at Surin last night and I only mention it because it caused us to go back and forth quite a bit on the
"is it or is it not him..."

It was a fun evening out, despite the fact that we probably won't be taking our 3 kiddos out to eat again anytime soon in the near future because MM has taken to screaming. As in, she loves it and thinks it's the best thing since solid foods. She screamed when I tried to feed her with a spoon or a fork, since apparently those are for babies and she thinks she's big now.
To keep her quiet and happy, I let her go at her chicken fried rice on her own...

yes, she made a mess on the floor.
yes, I apologized to our waiter, who told me he was used to it (just to make me feel better)
yes, I think he then cursed us under his breath.
yes, only about 20% of the food she picked up made it to her mouth.

Happy Birthday Kelly!
Hope you're having a fabulous day despite being at work!

Hope the rest of you enjoy your Friday as well!

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