Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall is in the air and on the front door


Not to be confused with its prequel,
A few weekends ago, when I crafted the wreath out of kazoos, I also put together a Fall-ish slash Halloween-ish wreath for the front door.
Two wreaths in one day?
Here she blows:

Okay, so a little more Halloween-ish than Fall-ish, but not all that
 scary spooky-ish either.
A Falloween wreath, if you will.

What did I use to make this Falloween wreath?
I'm so glad you asked...

An extra large grapevine wreath salvaged from our hob lob,
2 floral stems + 2 berry twigs from Michael's,
2 black birds from the Dollar Tree,
1 1/2 packages of black creepy cloth, also from Dollar Tree,
1 roll of purty orange ribbon from Hancock,
and 1 extremely fake looking spider from the dollar spot at Target

And if you haven't met yet, allow me to introduce you to creepy cloth-

This stuff is amazeballs.

Creepy Cloth will most definitely be making an appearance in my Halloween decor.

Back to the wreath.

I wrapped the creepy cloth around the wreath, and, .....well,
that was it.

No glue.
No tape.
No nuthin'.

The twigs of the wreath were perfect for 'pinning' the cloth in place.
Love me some lazy craftin'.

As for the birds,
they had these brilliant little built-in wires.
Thanks Dollar Tree.
Thanks for selling such awesomesauce goods.

All I had to do was stick them in place where I wanted and twist.

After cutting a bit of stem off the florals, I secured them with the last little bit of picture-hanging-wire from the toolbox
Forgot to mention that earlier.
I used a bit of picture-hanging-wire.

And then covered the wire with my purty orange ribbon-

And since you know I loves my monogram, I thought I'd stick an 'M' in the creepy cloth, along with Mr. Dollar Spot Spider.

Interesting side note about this particular M-
it's actually another bit of tornado debris.
While it's entirely possible that it blew from another sign, I'd like to believe that it came from the marquee of my church building since that's where my mum found it.

hello little birdies

And since no Falloween entryway would be complete without a punkin',
I went a step further
and put
on my front steps.

So there ya have it.
A Falloween wreath, with a couple of cute punkin' on the side.

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