Friday, September 2, 2011


Couldn't resist another insta-friday post.
Linking up with Jeanett again.
life rearranged
Here's a little look at the past week in the life of the Mathews, via instagram:

Went to Homey D's last Friday night to pick out a faucet.
Sheesh those suckers are 'spensive.

This is what we saw as we stepped out into the parking lot.
Love it when God shows off.

Saturday morning Candyland birthday party,

and scrum-dilly-umptious Candyland cake.

Started another project Saturday afternoon and needed to clean out a folder-
these ads were in a 'fashion' notebook I used to keep in college. Still love this Gucci campaign from 1999.

E thought she'd "help" me.

Our appliances had to take up residence in the dining room while the countertops were installed. Convenient to sit at the table and not even have to get up to remove your food from the oven, yes?
oh wait,
I don't cook.

I do, however, wash clothes.

Here's the lovely, lovely faucet we came home with Friday night,
all nice and installed.
Nevermind that un-trimmed window with the insulation poking out.

Hubs is handy.
He re-installed our microwave without a template since we'd thrown that away ages ago.
Cute hiney, honey.

The sweet man that installed our countertops.
Wish I could've been home to plant one on him.
A hug, that is.

My son's class at music this week.
Yes, he's the one about to do a ninja jump off the risers.

And looky who came to eat lunch with me on Wednesday!
Hubs and E!
Made for a pretty wonderful hump day.

Head to Jeanett's blog to check out the other instagramers!

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